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August 9th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Layout Inspector in 2020 (

Alex shows that the current version of the “Layout Inspector” has many improvements, especially for working with resources.

How to Use the Paging 3 Library in Android (

With the release of Android 11 beta, Google also updated the Paging architectural components library for android. Vivek Singh shares how Paging 3 greatly simplifies implementing paging in your android app.

Android Design System and Theming: Typography (

Hugo Matilla shows how to handle typography properly when setting up your styles and themes.

Material Slider (

Slider and RangeSlider are really nice iterations on SeekBar, and they provide the same functionality plus much more. Mark Allison takes a closer look at these Material controls.

Accurate Measurements With getTextBounds() (

Zarah Dominguez discovered some useful details regarding custom text rendering and measurement in spans.

Train your TensorFlow model on Google Cloud using TensorFlow Cloud (

TensorFlow Cloud is a python package that provides APIs for a seamless transition from debugging and training your TensorFlow code in a local environment to distributed training in Google Cloud.

Android Vitals - Is this a cold start? (

Py wraps up the series by showing how to determine if an app launch was a cold start.

Follow Guidelines, not rules (

Joe Birch shares some thoughts on why to follow guidelines instead of rules.

Kotlin JSON serialization crash course (

Bevan Steele takes a looks at kotlinx-serialization for JSON serialization.

Code Coverage Best Practices (

Google developers share some key points on testing best practices to do with code coverage.

What’s new in Firebase Machine Learning and MLKit (

Firebase MLKit is no longer, it is separated into the Firebase Machine Learning library and a standalone MLKit library. Peter-John Welcome describes the changes that have occurred with this split.

Implementing Search Filter using Kotlin Channels and Flows (

In this guide, Shivam Dhuria adds a search bar which will queries all the dog breeds in a the database and updates the UI using flows & channels.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Android Engineer (Java/Kotlin) (Berlin)

We're looking for an Android Engineer (Java/Kotlin) in Berlin who will join our international tech team as soon as possible in creating one of the fastest growing companies in the heating market.

Android Mobile Application Developer (Remote )

The Mobile Developer position is responsible for writing application code to contribute to the full lifecycle of development from concept to post-production support and maintenance of mobile applications and services. • Develop application code according to requirements and assigned tasks.


Libraries & Code

apkscale (

A Gradle plugin to measure the app size impact of Android libraries

audioswitch (

An Android audio management library for real-time communication apps.

turbine (

A small testing library for kotlinx.coroutines Flow.



link image   Android 11 final Beta update, official release coming soon! (

Google is bringing you Beta 3, their last update in this year’s preview cycle. For developers, now is the time to make sure your apps are ready, before they bring the official release to consumers.

Recent Android App Bundle improvements and timeline (

Google is making some changes to how your published apps are packaged, many of them becoming requirements next year.

Protecting your Google Play Console account with 2-Step Verification (

Towards the end of this year, Google is going to start requiring users of Google Play Console to sign in using Google's 2-Step Verification.

The Future of Machine Learning is Tiny and Bright (

Prof. Vijay Janapa Reddi of Harvard, the TensorFlow Lite Micro team, and the edX online learning platform are sharing a series of short TinyML courses this fall that you can observe for free, or sign up to take and receive a certificate.

Leverage the In-App Review API for your Google Play reviews (

One of the most requested features has been to give users the ability to leave a review from within the app. So Google has now launched the new in-app review API to address that need.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Motion Tags Ep2 - ConstraintSet + Constraint (

On today’s episode of the Motion Tags series, we will talk about ConstraintSet and Constraint

What's new in Android Studio? (

In this talk, Rebecca Franks takes a look at the new Android Studio 4.0 and the tooling that has been added in this new release -- how we can now inspect Databases, use the new Motion Editor and other small treats that the latest release has included.