Issue #430

September 6th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   How to integrate In-App Reviews in Android using Kotlin (

In this tutorial, John Codeos shows you how to ask users to rate your app inside your app using ‘In-App Reviews‘.

Supercharge Android dev with Scrcpy and ADB WIFI (

Swapnil Tiwari shows how to use the open-source Scrcpy tool to cast your physical device’s screen on your laptop and interact with it.

link image   Join the most interactive virtual AndroidDev Event (

Experience 100+ tech talks on all things Android Development - Workshops - 1on1s with Dev Experts and more

Gradle kotlin DSL (

Alfred shows how to convert Gradle configurations and scripts written in Groovy to Kotlin.

Complex UI/Animations on Android (

Nikhil Panju explores complex multi-step animations with MotionLayout (and Coroutines).

Building resilient Android applications (

Aaron Oertel considers tools and techniques to make an Android app more resilient to unexpected conditions and errors.

Jetpack Compose on Microsoft Surface Duo (

Joy writes about how to use the new UI framework, Jetpack Compose to build a dual-screen app on the Surface Duo.

Tools of the trade: SDKMAN! (

In the fourth post of this series, Harsh Shandilya writes about the SDKMAN command-line tool.

WindowInsetsCompat (

In this article Mark Allison looks at how to use the new Jetpack APIs for handling window insets.

Handling Dates & Times in SQLite (

Ryan Harter shares some insight into dealing with dates in SQLite queries.

20 Android Dev Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (

Michal Bialas's list of a set of helpful and not-so-common Android tools and libraries

Kotlin data class — Behind the mask (

Why should we write a lot of boilerplate code in a class that only holds some data for us? Alfred demonstrates the value of Kotlin data classes.

Prefer Storing Data with Jetpack DataStore (

Florina Muntenescu introduces Jetpack DataStore, now in alpha - a new and improved data storage solution aimed at replacing SharedPreferences.

Smaller APKs with resource optimization (

Jake Wharton examines the inner workings of resource optimization in Android builds.

Introducing OkSSE — Kotlin Multiplatform SSE library (

Akshay Chordiya introduces OkSSE — an open-source Server Sent Events client library made with Kotlin multiplatform and Coroutine for the tech community to use and build their amazing use-cases.

Structural Class Redefinition (

This post by Alex Light covers the capabilities of structural class redefinition introduced in Android 11, as well as some of the considerations and trade-offs encountered while implementing the feature


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link image   Material Design vs Flat Design (

What is the difference between these two design systems?



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Libraries & Code

radiography (

Text-ray goggles for your Android views. Supports both regular Android views and Jetpack Compose.

oksse (

Server Sent Events (SSE) client multiplatform library made with Kotlin and backed by coroutines.

compose-router (

Routing functionality for Jetpack Compose with back stack



link image   Material Design Blog (

Material Design has a blog! Check out the new home for tutorials, news, research & discussion of all things Material.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Goes Alpha (

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) is an SDK that allows you to use the same business logic code in both iOS and Android applications. It has gone Alpha, and you can start sharing business logic in your mobile apps with it right away.

Dokka Alpha for Kotlin 1.4 (

jetbrains has released Dokka (Alpha) on Kotlin 1.4!


Videos & Podcasts

Codelab - Art of Jetpack Compose (

In this codelab, Wajahat Karim covers some basics of Jetpack Compose

The Kotlin Programming Language (

Donn Felker's entire 9+ hour course on the Kotlin Programming Language is now available on YouTube!