Issue #432

September 20th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   How to Write Memorable Functions (

Denis Crăciunescu shows how Jetpack Compose natively supports the concept of State. The state is no longer internalized in the views and a single source of truth is exposed.

Automating Code Reviews (

Damian Burke posts about Automating Code Reviews taking a deeper look at tools and first steps to make code reviews faster and easier

Personal “Request changes” Materials Starter Pack - Part 1 (

Six tips by Erick Sumargo to help improve your Kotlin code.

Biometrics in Android (

Husayn Hakeem gives an overview of how Android’s biometric APIs allow for secure authentication on the Android platform.

Using Texture Counters in the Android GPU Inspector (

Francesco Carucci shows how the Android GPU Inspector can monitor texture-related GPU workloads by capturing texture GPU Performance counters in three categories: bandwidth, cache behavior, and filtering.

DataStore: Wire (

In previous articles, Mark Allison has examined the use of the Jetpack library named DataStore, specifically the Protobuf version. Here he compares Square's Wire tools for generating Kotlin classes (vs Google's tools generating Java).

R.I.P. Device Farm (

Jason Atwood describes how Firebase Test Lab can replace a company's device farm.

7 Steps to Technical Leadership (

Magda Miu knows that awesome teams build awesome products. In order to achieve this objective, it’s necessary to combine tech skills with people skills using some, or all of these 7 steps.

Demystifying the new Play In-App Review API (

Marcel Pintó explains some of the decisions taken in the Play In-App Review API and provides some further guidance to make the most of it.

Jump Into Chrome Custom Tabs (

Interested in using Chrome Custom Tabs to view web pages in your app? Check out this overview by Vlad Sonkin.

Proto DataStore (and Protocol Buffers intro) (

The new Jetpack Datastore has two storage destinations: SharePreferences and Protobuffers. Bevan Steele examines the second type, which solves the type-safety issue using Protobuffers.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



link image   People-First Principles for Digital Wellbeing (

A sneak peek at the UX foundations grounding Google's Digital Wellbeing Toolkit

What “Digital Wellbeing” Means to Material Design (

Promote wellbeing by focusing on fundamental needs, not just clicks



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Libraries & Code

GloballyDynamic (

A set of tools geared towards making Dynamic Delivery universally available, regardless of underlying App Store / distribution platform, while also providing a single unified Android client API and a streamlined developer experience.

android-emulator-container-scripts (

This is a set of minimal scripts to run the Android emulator in a container on Linux machines for various systems such as Docker.

fladle (

Easily scale your Android Instrumentation Tests across Firebase Test Lab with Flank



link image   Continuous Testing with Android Emulator Containers (

Setting up and running the Android Emulator on continuous integration (CI) or deployment (CD) is now easier than ever before with our pre-built Android Emulator Containers

What’s new in TensorFlow Lite for NLP (

With the latest update of TensorFlow Lite, developers can easily create, convert and deploy NLP models on-device.

Introduction to TFLite On-device Recommendation (

The Tensorflow team has open-sourced an end-to-end solution for TFLite on-device recommendation tasks that provides personalized, low-latency, and high-quality recommendations while preserving users’ privacy.

Android GPU Inspector Open Beta (

With the rollout of Android 11 on Pixel, Android GPU Inspector (AGI) has graduated from a limited developer preview to an open beta


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Using texture counters with Android GPU Inspector (

This episode covers the GPU performance counters related to texturing in the context of game engines.

Android Developers Backstage: [Constraint|Motion][Layout|Editor] (

Chet and Sean talk extensively with Nicolas Roard and John Hoford about MotionLayout in general as well as ConstraintLayout, new features like Flow, the difficulties of animating text properties, and more.

Leland Richardson - Compose Livestreams (

Leland Richardson, Software Engineer at Google working on Jetpack Compose, has been livestreaming tutorials on Compose.