Issue #433

September 27th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Building a Trivia App for Google Assistant (

Melody Sabouri shows how easy it can be to build a trivia voice app for Google Assistant.

Uncomfortable Questions About App Signing (

Mark Murphy poses some important questions about Play Store App Signing and what it makes possible.

link image   DataStore: Security (

Mark Allison continues his series on DataStore, a replacement for SharedPreferences. This time he looks at how to encrypt the data in DataStore, similar to EncryptedSharedPreferences from Jetpack Security.

Scoped Storage Tutorial for Android 11: A Deep Dive (

Scoped storage is mandatory for all apps targeting Android 11. In this tutorial, Carlos Mota teaches how to implement the latest storage APIs in Android 11 by adding features to a meme-generating app.

Getting started with Firebase emulators suite for Android (

Firebase emulator is a tool that helps us to test various firebase services in our local environment altogether. Burhanuddin Rashid goes through some examples of how to use it.

How to handle Navigation in Jetpack Compose (

Navigation in Compose is somewhat different from the usual Android implementation. Gastón Saillén digs into a way to handle it in the world of Compose.

Write RecyclerViews in one line of code with Jetpack Compose (

In this article Gastón Saillén demonstrates the power of Jetpack Compose to make a simple user list in just one line of code.

Getting to know RecyclerView (

Meghan Mehta goes through the steps of creating a simple RecyclerView, and also breaks down the different pieces that a RecyclerView needs so you can try it in your own apps.

The real size of Android objects (

Py is currently reimplementing how LeakCanary computes the retained heap size of objects, so here are a few pointers on how it's done.

How to draw 2.6 million polygons on Android at 60 FPS (

In this article, Abhishek Bansal shows how to use Half data type from the Android platform and also explore the caveats of it in polygon rendering.

Announcing a painless Kotlin/Multiplatform NoSQL embedded database (

Salomon BRYS introduces a new Kotlin/Multiplatform embedded NoSQL indexed document database for Android, iOS, and client JVM: KodeinDB

Wireless Android development with a local device (

A quick tip from Bevan Steele on how to use the scrcpy tool to remotely view and interact with an Android device or emulator,

Spannable String: Text Styling with Spans (

In this blog post, Sumit Mishra shows how to use Spans for styling our text used in an application.

The Dark Secrets of Fast Compilation for Kotlin (

Andrey Breslav examines a huge and largely invisible part of Kotlin which makes it compile much faster on relatively small changes that happen a lot in an everyday run-test-debug loop.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Sr. Android Engineer (Austin, Texas)

As a Sr. Android Engineer at Favor, you will work closely with our product and operations teams to understand customer needs, build simple solutions to complex problems, and deliver delightful experiences to all our users.

Senior Android Developer @ PSPDFKit (Remote)

PSPDFKit is a remote-first company building modern document editing and collaboration solutions used by Dropbox, Disney, Lufthansa, IBM, and more. We're looking for an experienced developer who wants to help us building Android libraries from design to delivery (UI, Kotlin APIs, tooling, and NDK).

Android Engineer (London or Remote)

Ctrl Group is looking for an Android engineer to join our team in London, or work remotely. You will be a part of an engineering team that values collaboration and shared ownership of the codebase. With our designers, you will work on features that help patients and clinicians work together.


Libraries & Code

link image   Transformers (

An Android transformation library providing a variety of image transformations for Coil, Glide, Picasso, and Fresco.

Kodein-DB (

Multiplatform NoSQL database

DinoCompose (

Chrome's Dino T-Rex game developed in Jetpack Compose



link image   Introducing Android 11 on Android TV (

Following right behind the mobile release, Google's launching Android 11 on Android TV to bring the latest platform features to the big screen.

Improve Your Game with Texture Compression Format Targeting (

You can now use Google Play Asset Delivery to include textures in multiple texture compression formats in your Android App Bundle and the assets will automatically be delivered with the best-supported texture compression format for each device.

All developers will get the new Google Play Console on November 2, 2020 (

The old Play Console will be discontinued starting November 2, 2020. After this date, you’ll be automatically directed to the new Play Console when you log into your account


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Improve your game with texture format targeting (

Host Dan Galpin explains how to improve the load time, frame rates, and size of your game by supporting modern texture compression with Play Asset Delivery

iOSDev vs AndroidDev.lazy().not() (

A tweet from a famous tech journalist about Android vs iOS spurs a storm. In this episode, Donn and Kaushik given their honest thoughts on iOS vs Android; and being developers for the platform.

Migrating from Dialogflow to Actions Builder (

In this video, go over the similarities and differences between the two workflows in Dialogflow and Actions Builder. You will learn about a migration tool that can speed up your migration process from Dialogflow to Actions Builder.