Issue #434

October 4th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Busting Android performance myths (

In the spirit of MythBusters, Calin Juravle test several myths have emerged about performance on Android. For this myth-busting, he uses real-world examples and tools that you can use.

Jetpack Compose ViewPager (

Jorge Castillo closely examines the custom Pager implementation from the Compose JetCaster official sample.

link image   Debug on tons of real devices from within your IDE (

Kobiton’s ADB debugging allows you to access and debug cloud and local devices without ever leaving your favorite IDE. Optimize code quality for Android 11 and previous OS versions with the flexibility and efficiency of the Kobiton cloud. Start your free trial today!

Android Package Visibility And Horse Blinkers (

Package Visibility is the new feature of Android 11, and it changes how apps interact with each other. Vlad Sonkin describes what it is, what benefits it brings, and what do horse blinkers have to do with it.

link image   Track your users’ experience in the wild with APM (

Instabug’s new Application Performance Monitoring measures the quality of the app as perceived by your users. Whether it’s a crash, slow screen transition, slow network call, or UI hangs, utilize performance patterns to trace the issue. Get started now and ship apps users love

DataStore: Models (

Mark Allison has looked at various aspects of Jetpack DataStore during this series of articles, and now examines the benefits of Protobuf.

Working with Google Play Billing — Part 2 (

This is the second post in a series by Caren Chang, where she takes a closer look at the lifecycle of a one-time purchase, namely the process of selling and granting users the digital item they purchased in your app.

Working with Google Play Billing — Part 1 (

This blog post by Caren Chang is the first in a new series on Google Play Billing 3, starting by exploring the basics.

Android Emulator in a CI environment (

Discover how to create a Docker image and remotely access the debugging information

Effective Class Delegation (

Márton Braun examines how composition of classes can be simple using Kotlin's implementation by delegation.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Senior Android Developer @ PSPDFKit (Remote)

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Libraries & Code

kotlingrad (

Shape-Safe Differentiable Programming with Algebraic Data Types

JetQuotes (

A Quotes Application built to Demonstrate the use of Jetpack Compose for building declarative UI in Android

MoshiX (

Extensions for Moshi: moshi-ksp, moshi-ktx, moshi-metadata-reflect, and moshi-sealed.

Konfetti (

Celebrate more with this lightweight confetti particle system



link image   Kotlin 1.4 Online Event, October 12–15, 2020 (

Join JetBrains for a deep dive into the latest Kotlin release, and mingle with the JetBrains Kotlin team!

Announcing the launch of the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative (

Google’s Android Security & Privacy team has launched the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative (APVI) to manage security issues specific to Android OEMs.

Listening to Developer Feedback to Improve Google Play (

Google wanted to share some additional insights they’ve gained from developer feedback and how they’re taking that input to improve Google Play and Android.

Firebase Summit 2020: A Two Day Virtual Event (

This year’s Firebase Summit is a virtual event, happening 27-28 October at 9:30AM PST each day.

Answering your FAQs about Google Play billing (

Google answers some common questions regarding in-app purchases and using Google Play billing.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Kotlin Actors - No Drama Concurrency (

Sam Edwards' presentation from Android Stream Day 2020

Talking Kotlin: Maths and Kotlin (

Hadi chats with Breandan about Differentials and Derivatives, and Maths in general. They look at where and how they can be applied to programming, as well as the Kotlingrad library.

Talking AR with Julien Salvi by Talking with Apples (

In this episode, Peter-John Welcome talks with Julien Salvi about AR. They took a deep dive into ARCore and all its features especially the new ones like depth API and light estimation and spoke about alternative platforms such as Unity and Vuforia.

Android Developers Backstage: ADB over WiFi on ADB (

In this episode, Chet, Romain and Tor talk with Renaud Paquay and Joshua Duong from the Android Studio and Android Emulator teams.

Building an Android CI Pipeline with GitHub Actions (

Nate Ebel teaches how to build a multi-functional continuous integration pipeline for Android using GitHub Actions.

Android Stream Day - Day 2 (

Android Stream Day, two days online event that will take you from Zero to Android Hero.

Android Stream Day - Day 1 (

Android Stream Day, two days online event that will take you from Zero to Android Hero.