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October 18th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

Synchronous communication with the UI using StateFlow (

Raul Hernandez Lopez demonstrates using StateFlow to get rid of callbacks.

link image   Test your app on hundreds of real android devices (

Seamlessly access real physical devices in the cloud with full support for gestures, orientation and more. Test on the latest Android and iOS devices your customers use, all in a highly responsive environment. Start your free trial today!

Android Development in 2020 (

Nate Ebel shares a list of all the latest from this year that you should be aware of as an Android Developer.

link image   Deploy Android Chat In Hours With Stream (

Learn how easy it is to use Stream's Android Java & Kotlin chat SDK. Build real-time chat for Android in hours, not months. Start a free trial now and try out Stream's chat API and SDK Components. See why Stream powers the feeds and chat for over 500 million end-users.

Material Motion: Fade Through (

The Material Design Components library has introduced Material Transitions and Motion. In this series, Mark Allison looks at the different transitions and explores how and when to use them.

4 Easy Steps To Master Android Sharing Shortcuts (

Android Sharing Shortcuts was introduced in Android 10, and it effectively replaces the old Direct Share API. Vlad Sonkin shows how Sharing Shortcuts use the push model, so the developer needs to prepare the shortcuts beforehand.

Testing Android Architecture Components (

Enzo Lizama shows how to test the Architecture Components library included in the Android Jetpack suite.

How to display your Android dependency graph in your README file (

Fred Porciúncula helps make your CI work for you and watch your dependency graph take shape.

Surfacing Gradle Build Scans Within GitHub Actions Workflows (

This post from Nate Ebel demonstrates several approaches for surfacing Gradle build scans within GitHub Actions workflows; thereby making them more discoverable and hopefully more useful to a team.

Android Studio 4.1, Library Modules, and VERSION_CODE (

Mark Murphy noticed that Android Studio 4.1 — or, more accurately, version 4.1.0 of the Android Gradle Plugin — has a breaking change: it no longer adds VERSION_CODE (and, sometimes, VERSION_NAME), to BuildConfig.

Configuration Driven UI from Epoxy to Compose (

Hari Vignesh Jayapalan shares a story of how he came up with the solution for Configuration driven UI (a level below server-driven UI) in Android.

IntelliJ IDEA / Android Studio Tricks: Live Templates (

One of Ivan Morgillo's favorite features of IDEA/Android Studio is Live Templates. Here's an overview of the feature and how to create your own templates.

Navigation Component: An Overview (

Chet Haase introduces some fundamental concepts of the Navigation component tool and APIs

Common policy violations and how you can avoid them (

Google has identified some common mistakes and violations that developers make, and are sharing these with the developer community with tips and guides on how to avoid them, mitigating the risks of apps and developer accounts being suspended for violating our policies.

Kotlin scope and extension functions (

Scope functions in Kotlin can make code more concise but can also ruin it if not used properly. Dmitry Si covers the typical scope function issues and gotchas and offers mitigation practices.

AndroidX Navigation: Building on the Wrong Abstraction (

Isaac Udy feels that AndroidX Navigation is built on the wrong abstraction and doesn't have great out-of-the-box support for modules. So he's released Enro to be easier to use, less verbose, and integrate much more easily with multi-module projects


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Libraries & Code

version-checker-gradle-lint (

Warning on new versions available even when using Kotlin-DSL plugin

change-tracker-plugin (

A Gradle plugin to discover the dependency graph between the modules and run specific tasks only on changed modules and his dependents.

Enro (

A simple navigation library for Android



link image   New Google Play Console features (

Google announces two new features in the new Google Play Console: The Publishing overview page helps you better understand your publishing process and Managed publishing gives you better control of when your app updates go live on Google Play

Android Studio 4.1 (

Google has released the stable version of Android Studio 4.1, with a set of features addressing common editing, debugging, and optimization use cases.

What’s next with the latest in app analytics (

Google announced that app developers could upgrade their Firebase projects to the next generation of app analytics. Upgrading enables them to view their app analytics data in Analytics and unlocks additional analysis capabilities.

Introducing the Android for Cars App Library (

Google has released the Android for Cars App Library into open beta for any developer to use. You’ll now be able to design, develop, and test your navigation, parking or charging app on Android Auto.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Introduction to MAD Skills (

Welcome to Modern Android Development (MAD) Skills, a series of videos and articles we’re creating to teach you how to use the latest technologies of Modern Android Development to create better applications easier.

Kotlin 1.4 Online Event (

Join JetBrains for a deep dive into the latest Kotlin release. Kotlin 1.4: One for All! This playlist contains all the presentations from the event.

Delegating delegates - Kotlin Vocabulary (

Delegation is a design pattern in which an object handles a request by delegating to an object called delegate. The delegate is responsible for handling the request on behalf of the original object. Watch now to see more from Murat’s tutorial on delegating delegates in this episode of Kotlin Vocabulary and stay tuned for the next session!

What's new in Android Studio 4.1 (

The Android Studio 4.1 release introduces a Database inspector, Dagger navigation support, a native memory profiler, improvements for Apply Changes, the ability to use the emulator directly inside Android Studio, and more!

Android Developers Backstage: Aaptly Named (

In this episode, Chet, Romain, and Tor talk with Ryan Mitchell from the Android Framework Team. They cover the Android resources in general and the aapt2 tool in particular.