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October 25th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Logging in Android (

Magda Miu shares a quick overview of the built-in logging capability in Android.

Learn the steps to build an app that detects crop diseases (

A few familiar faces from Google and the community came together to show you how to build an app using multiple Google Developer tools to detect crop diseases, from scratch, in just a few minutes.

link image   Convert manual tests to exportable Appium scripts (

Kobiton’s open Appium export allows you to quickly perform a manual test and convert it into an exportable Appium script you can plug right into your IDE and CI/CD pipelines. Run it against our cloud of devices, or on any of our competitors. It’s your code, use it how you want. Learn more today!

Choosing the right architecture for a Kotlin Multiplatform app (

Marco Gomiero is in the early stages of a multiplatform project, and he walks through some of the decisions and implementation details when using Kotlin Multiplatform.

Navigating with SafeArgs (

The Navigation component enables passing arguments with Bundles, and Chet Haase shows how those arguments can be passed in a typesafe way using SafeArgs.

Extend your code readability with Kotlin extensions (

Have you ever used an API and wanted to add functionality or a property to it? Meghan Mehta shows how this is possible with Kotlin extensions.

3 Practical Steps To Master Android DataStore (

Android DataStore is a new way of storing the data, and it aims to replace the SharedPreferences. This post by Vlad Sonkin a brief story of how to implement Jetpack DataStore in an app and what the benefits are.

Remote Work in 2020 is Not Normal - Will We Evaluate It Fairly? (

How are you feeling about working from home right now? Nate Ebel investigates how the current work from home situation is similar to and differs from more "normal" remote work.

Material Motion: Fade (

Mark Allison continues the series by looking at the Fade transition and explores how and when to use them.

How to make POST, GET, PUT & DELETE requests with Retrofit using Kotlin (

John Codeos shares examples of how to make the most common REST calls with Retrofit, using Kotlin.

Android Studio Tricks: Surround With (

Ivan Morgillo shares his second favorite time-saving feature in Android Studio: Surround With.

Announcing Coil 1.0 (

Colin White announces the release of Coil 1.0, a Kotlin-first image loading library for Android built on top of Kotlin Coroutines.

Goodbye Gson, Hello Moshi (

Reza's article is about migrating from Gson on to a relatively new serialization library for Android and Kotlin named Moshi.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



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Libraries & Code

link image   Coil (

Image loading for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines

BlurHashExt (

Kotlin extensions of Blurhash for ImageView, Glide, and Picasso optimized for Android.

Animation-Tutorials (

Tutorials about animations with Animators, Animated Vector Drawables, Shared Transitions, and more

release-changelog-builder-action (

A GitHub action that builds your release notes / changelog fast, easy and exactly the way you want.



link image   It's Time to Upgrade to the New Firebase Crashlytics SDK! (

On November 15th, Google will be sunsetting the legacy Fabric SDK, meaning any apps that are still using the Fabric SDK will no longer report crashes.

Firebase Summit: 27 October - 28 October 2020 (

Firebase Summit is returning as a virtual event on 27 October - 28 October 2020. Join for a keynote, technical sessions, live Q&A, demos, and code labs.

State and Jetpack Compose (

Google has launched new documentation covering how to use State in Jetpack Compose


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Droidcon EMEA (

Videos of presentations from Droidcon EMEA

Unit Testing Channels & Flows in Practice (

Mohit Sarveiya presents on unit testing Kotlin channels and flows

DevFest UK & Ireland 2020 - MOBILE Track (

Recordings of the mobile track from DevFest UK & Ireland. See the description for specific track times for the various presentations.

Building beautiful transitions with Material Motion for Android (

In this talk, Jonas & Dan review each of the transition patterns, when they should be used, and how they can be implemented with the new library.

Converting an existing app screen to Jetpack Compose (Part 1) (

In this livestream, Nick Rout goes through migrating an existing app screen from using Views and MDC-Android to the new Jetpack Compose UI toolkit.

The ABC of Coroutines (

Coroutines in Kotlin simplify asynchronous operations on Android. In this video, we explain the most common classes and functions used in coroutines. CoroutineContext, Job, Dispatchers, and much more!