Issue #439

November 8th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   How to Make the Compiler Smarter (

The Kotlin compiler is smart. Denis Crăciunescu shows how you can give the compiler hints, using Contracts, to make it even smarter.

Using the Signature class to verify data (

When there is an exchange of information happening, we often want to verify that the origin of the data is the right one. Enrique López-Mañas pulls together how to do it in this great article.

link image   Build a Streaming Application with Face Filter (

Learn how to build a live streaming application on Android using face filters, which have gradually become one of the most popular entertainment modes. Create your application. Check out the attached blog for a step by step tutorial.

Mastering API Visibility in Kotlin (

When designing a library, minimizing your API surface – the types, methods, properties, and functions you expose to the outside world – is a great idea. In this article, Márton Braun takes a closer look at what this means.

Full Text Search in Room Tutorial: Getting Started (

In this Android tutorial by Kshitij Chauhan, you’ll learn how to implement Full Text Search in Room and use advanced FTS operations, such as ranking search results.

Material Motion: Shared Axis (

Mark Allison takes a look at Shared Axis transitions from the Material Design Components library. These are transitions between distinct layouts of Fragments with directional components.

RxJava Combining Operators (

In this tutorial by Prashant Barahi, you’ll use RxJava combining operators to merge, filter and transform your data into succinct and reusable streams.

Data classes — the classy way to hold data (

To model a class that holds just data, you should use a data class. Read on to learn more from Florina Muntenescu about the advantages of data classes, their restrictions and to take a look under the hood of how they’re implemented.

View binding for the lazy (

This article shows how to leverage a set of Kotlin delegates to simplify your Android View Binding implementation on each activity and fragment.

Layout Inspector in 2020 (

Alex Zhukovich explores the "Layout Inspector" tool with the ability to do UI debugging and analysis of the User Interface for UI testing.

3 Major Benefits Of View Binding Android (

In this article, Vlad Sonkin looks at Android View Binding, compares it with all other solutions, and examines how we can use it.

Android library development - Modularization (

With modularization being all the hype, should you also modularize an SDK? Jeroen Mols continues his series on Android library development, taking a look at modularization.

Easy Espresso tests: use Barista (

Bevan Steele shares how to use the Barista library to write easier, cleaner, and less fragile UI tests using Espresso.

Jetpack Compose for the Desktop! (

John O'Reilly notices changes being made that would allow the use of Jetpack Compose to develop UI for desktop apps. Here are some of his findings.


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Libraries & Code

Bundler (

Android Intent & Bundle extensions that insert and retrieve values elegantly.

Barista (

Barista makes developing UI test faster, easier and more predictable. Built on top of Espresso, it provides a simple and discoverable API, removing most of the boilerplate and verbosity of common Espresso tasks. You and your Android team will write tests with no effort.

AffectedModuleDetector (

A Gradle Plugin to determine which modules were affected by a set of files in a commit.



link image   Privacy-preserving features in the Mobile Driving License (

Android now includes APIs for managing and presenting with identity documents in a more secure and privacy-focused way than was previously possible


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Firebase and Kotlin: Extensions, Coroutines and Flows (

In this session, Rosário talks about some of the features that are present in the Firebase KTX libraries and the features that you can implement yourself to get cleaner and more idiomatic Kotlin code.

State of the Testing Union with Valera Zakharov (

Kaushik and Donn talk with Valera Zakharov who’s a Staff Engineer at Slack and considered one of the experts in the field of mobile testing.

Jazz up your Bottom Navigation Bar with Micro Animations (

This talk by Lauren Green focuses on everything from the design process of drawing your icons, animating your icons into animated vector drawables and implementing them into your Kotlin code for your Android application

App Bundles: Everything to know about Play App Signing (

In this session, Android Developer Advocate Wojtek Kalicinski will show you how to opt into Play App Signing and what choices are available to you, including when and how to retain access to your app signing key.



Locomotive AR - Creating an Augmented Reality Game Tickets (

In this talk on Thu, Nov 12, 2020, Ondrej Komarek will show you how to make a simple AR game on Android using technologies like ARCore and Sceneform.