Issue #443

December 6th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Suspending over Views (

Coroutines can model asynchronous problems on the same thread. Chris Banes writes about one place that really benefits from this: working with the Android view system.

Migrating Your Design System to Jetpack Compose: Part 1 (

Adam Bennett starts a series of articles on how he and his team are migrating their design system to Jetpack Compose, what they learned, and how you can do the same.

link image   20% OFF on Android Testing - Tons of Real Devices (

Quickly scale real device testing in the cloud with full support for manual gestures, Espresso automation, ADB debugging, and more. Test on the latest Android and iOS devices, all in a highly responsive environment. Get 20% OFF any plan when you use code: ANDROIDWEEKLY before 12/31/2020.

Testing Android Fragment in isolation (

Alex Zhukovich writes about testing fragments with local and instrumentation tests.

Custom ItemDecoration (

Nicolas Duponchel had to build a custom item decorator and wrote up the approaches he took.

ActivityResult API Android (

Nav Singh teaches about the ActivityResult API, which makes the life of Android developers a lot easier to manage the permissions, and inter-activity communications.

Implementing Your Android App for Accessibility Part 3 (

This article series by Pamela Hill is for developers and designers interested in learning more about accessibility, particularly related to the Android platform. The third article educates developers on a few simple implementation details to consider when coding their Android apps.

3 Crucial Concepts of gRPC in Android (

In this article, Vlad Sonkin explores the basics of the gRPC implementation in Android apps.

Running a Hack Day (

Jossi Wolf writes about running a hack day, a one-day event where you can work on whatever for exploring a new technology or just doing something different once in a while.

Testing Never-Ending Flows (

Dan Lew shares a quick tip on unit testing never-ending Flows.

Seeing If Your App Has the Play Core Vulnerability (

Mark Murphy writes about how to check if your app is vulnerable to a massive bug in the Play Core library.

Build sound classification models for mobile apps (

Khanh LeViet announces that Teachable Machine now allows you to train your own sound classification model and export it in the TensorFlow Lite format. Then you can integrate the TFLite model into your mobile applications or your IoT devices.

Android Vitals - How adb measures App Startup (

What does ActivityTaskManager measure exactly? This article by Py is a deep dive to explore the question.

View Binding: farewell to Kotlin Syntetic (

Kotlin Android extensions are deprecated, so Bevan Steele goes over the recommended way to replace them: View Bindings.

KTX: Views (

KTX is a series of Kotlin extension functions for Android. In this post, Mark Allison looks at some that he finds particularly useful.

Server Driven UI, Part 2: The GraphQL API (

In this second article, Joe Birch dives into building the GraphQL API for Compose Academy that is being used to serve the UI to its clients.


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Libraries & Code

speedometer (

A lightweight circular indicator view library for Android

Shade (

Shade's Kotlin SDK provides simple type-safe access to your Hue lights



link image   AGP 7.0: Next major release for the Android Gradle plugin (

In this blog post, the Android team explains the reasons for the version numbering change, as well as give a preview of some important changes in the new, incubating Android Gradle plugin APIs and DSL.

Celebrating the Developers Behind the Best Apps and Games of 2020 (

Google announced Google Play’s annual Best of 2020 awards, highlighting the year’s best apps, games, and digital content

Ian Lake on updates to Fragments documentation (

The fragments of today are not the fragments of even a year ago, much less those of 5+ years ago. This week, the *documentation* for fragments has been effectively rewritten from scratch bringing it up to speed with the best practices of 2020.

Announcing Android Studio 2020.3.1 & Android Gradle plugin 7.0 (

Google announces the release of the first version of Android Studio Arctic Fox (2020.3.1) on the canary channel, together with Android Gradle plugin (AGP) version 7.0.0-alpha01.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Material Design Components: Dark theme (

Android Developer Relations Engineer Chris Banes will demonstrate how to add a dark theme to your application

Dissecting Coroutines with Mohit Sarveiya (

In this talk, Mohit Sarveiya explores basic to advanced features provided by the coroutines library.

Material Design Components: Material Motion (

Material Design Developer Advocate Nick Rout will show you how to implement Material Motion in your Android app

Microsoft Surface Duo One Dev Question video series (

Microsoft released a series of short videos answering questions about Microsoft Surface Duo development.