Issue #445

December 20th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Ultimate Guide To Android Custom View (

In this article, Vlad Sonkin builds a custom animated loader and covers such topics as a View Lifecycle, Constructors, Attributes, and Animations.

When LiveData and Kotlin don’t play well together (

LiveData and Kotlin sometimes don't play that nice together. Danny Preussler explores why and what can happen!

link image   20% OFF on Android Testing - Improve UX for Less (

Quickly debug cloud and local devices without ever leaving your favorite IDE. Optimize code quality for Android 11 and previous OS versions with the flexibility and efficiency of the Kobiton cloud. Get 20% OFF any plan when you use code: ANDROIDWEEKLY before 12/31/2020.

Make a Prototype (

Ryan Harter shares some thoughts on building prototypes to quickly iterate and test ideas.

Paging Image Carousel with RecyclerView (

In this blog post, David Ferrand implements a carousel view using RecyclerView and goes through it step by step, commenting on some of the choices he's made.

Solve These 5 Google Play’s Billing Issues to Improve Your Apps (

Dejan Kuritz tells you about 5 billing system issues he found and his solutions for them.

Backend for mobile engineers with Kotlin and Ktor (

Yevhenii Kanivets describes the experience of writing a Kotlin backend for mobile apps using Ktor.

Android Room Hidden Costs (

In this article, Vasya Drobushkov considers some hidden costs Room applies to support reactive streams and how one can try to avoid them.

Getting started with Apollo GraphQl on Android (

In this article, Joe Birch covers several steps to take a quick look at how to get set up with Apollo in Android projects.

Backoff and Retry Strategy using Flows in Android (

Shivam Dhuria shows how to implement a Back Off Strategy with retry using Flows.

How to generate super resolution images using TensorFlow Lite on Android (

In this blog, Wei Wei, TensorFlow Developer Advocate, shows how to use a pre-trained ESRGAN model from TensorFlow Hub and generate super-resolution images using TensorFlow Lite in an Android app.

More productivity with Kotlin (

In this blog post, Florina Muntenescu shares a couple of ways Kotlin has increased the productivity of engineers and looks at the Kotlin features that help with this.

Using KTX libraries (

Instead of writing your own wrappers and extension functions for these APIs, Florina Muntenescu takes a look at the Jetpack KTX libraries.

Keyboard navigation in Android Studio / IntelliJ (

Bevan Steele demonstrates that navigating in your source code without a mouse is not that hard and the shortcuts are not that many to learn.

Simplifying APIs with coroutines and Flow (

This article by Manuel Vivo covers how to simplify APIs using coroutines and Flow as well as how to build your own adapter using suspendCancellableCoroutine and callbackFlow APIs.

Jetpack Compose — Before and after (

Chris Banes shows how the build speed, APK size and source line count changed after migrating the Tivi sample app to Jetpack Compose.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



link image   The State of Design Systems: 2020 (

Abla Hamilton, Material Design Researcher, shares a community survey of design systems, from creation to implementation and beyond.

Announcing the Material Design Award Winners for 2020 (

Celebrating the product teams that bring Material to life

Finding Ethical Design (

Cortney Cassidy, Material Visual Designer, considers incorporating ethics in the daily work of design.



Senior Android Engineer (remote) (

Hi! We are that super-groundbreaking technology provider you've probably never heard of! We're building the PhotoEditor SDK and VideoEditor SDK, fully customizable photo and video editing solution for web and mobile platforms that are being used by marvelous brands around the world. Now, we're on the rise for the next generation of our SDKs. And that's where you step in.

Android App Developer (Hamburg)

Join the team of Tomorrow and be part of becoming Europe's leading digital sustainability bank! Work independently in an international, interdisciplinary team - Contribute your existing knowledge & skills proactively to the entire design process – Don’t be afraid of unorthodox solutions. Apply now!

Senior Android Developer (Cincinnati, OH/Remote)

Atomic Robot is looking for a Senior Android Developer to collaborate alongside our clients to create highly engaging mobile applications. Atomic Robot is a mobile consulting agency that has partnered with companies from startups to Fortune 500s across multiple industries.

Senior Android Engineer (Remotely within the UK)

At Chip, our mission is to make saving effortless for millions. You will be responsible for writing well-architected and performant Kotlin code to provide the best possible user experience to our savers. We're growing fast and are showing no signs of slowing down. Apply today!



link image   Treble Plus One Equals Four (

Google announces extend support from Android OS for upcoming devices.

Opening the Google Play Store for more car apps (

Today, you can publish your apps to closed testing tracks in the Google Play Store. Google is also preparing the Play Store for open testing tracks soon.

Announcing gRPC Kotlin 1.0 for Android and Cloud (

Google has been working hard polishing docs, squashing bugs, and making improvements to the gRPC Kotlin project; culminating in the shiny new 1.0 release!


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Outside-In TDD (

Videos demonstrating Outside-In TDD, mostly on Android

Talking Mobile DevOps With Nicola Corti (

In this episode of Talking with Apples, Peter-John Welcome and Nicola Corti take a deep dive into DevOps, in particular Mobile DevOps.

No Broken Windows (

In this week's episode, Nate Ebel explores one of his favorite software development mantras "no broken windows" and examines how that theory can be applied to projects to improve the quality over time.

Material Live: Designing a Material Theme (

Welcome to Material Live, a live Q&A hosted by Design Advocate, Liam Spradlin

Kotlin: Using KTX (

Florina will show us how to use Android KTX and peek under the hood to see how they were made.

Kotlin Multiplatform for iOS (

Dinorah Tovar talks about getting started with KMM, with the full support of iOS-specific APIs From Core ML and CloudKit to Ktor, SQLitedelight, and other tools.