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December 27th, 2020

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Keeping Release and Debug Installed All the Time (

Juhani Lehtimäki explains how to set up your app to be able to run production and debug versions side-by-side.

How To Share Files With Android FileProvider (

In this article, Vlad Sonkin shows why we need a FileProvider to share your files with other apps, and how to implement it.

link image   New Year’s 20% OFF - Android App Perfection (

After a year like 2020, the last thing your end users want is a horrible app experience. Improve your Play Store ratings and innovate faster in 2021 with AI-powered visual, functional, and performance testing from Kobiton. Get 20% OFF any plan when you use code: ANDROIDWEEKLY before 12/31/2020.

DataStore Tutorial For Android (

Luka Kordić shows how to read and write data to Jetpack DataStore, a modern persistence solution from Google.

So you want to be an Engineering Manager (

In this post, Sergii Zhuk shares his views on how engineering management is different from software engineering, and what does success look like.

Cooking Tasty code in Kotlin— Part 1 (

In this article, Shreyas Patil walks you through some basic recipes to cook your code tasty in Kotlin.

Manually parsing JSON with Moshi (

Harsh Shandilya shows how to write a custom parser for Moshi when your JSON doesn't match up with how you want to represent your data.

MaterialTimePicker (

Mark Allison takes a look at how to use the new MaterialTimePicker component and also look at a gotcha with an easy workaround.

The Quick Developers Guide to Migrate Their Apps to Android 11 (

Sahil Sharma shares tips on getting your app ready for Scoped Storage, Package Visibility, Permission changes, and more.

Jetpack Compose and GraphQL, a very merry combination! (

John O'Reilly experiments combining Jetpack Compose with GraphQL.

Structural anti-patterns in multi-module applications (

Gabor Varadi explains why "Clean Architecture" might not be the pattern you're looking for.

The future of cross-platform development: Kotlin multiplatform (

Uli Luckas shares what felt wrong with previous approaches and how Kotlin enables a substantially different approach to cross-platform development.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Senior Android Developer (Cincinnati, OH/Remote)

Atomic Robot is looking for a Senior Android Developer to collaborate alongside our clients to create highly engaging mobile applications. Atomic Robot is a mobile consulting agency that has partnered with companies from startups to Fortune 500s across multiple industries.


Libraries & Code

link image   Pokedex-AR (

Android Pokedex-AR using ARCore, Sceneform, Hilt, Coroutines, Flow, Jetpack (Room, ViewModel, LiveData) based on MVVM architecture.

easypermissions-ktx (

This library lifts the burden that comes with writing a bunch of check statements whether a permission has been granted or not from you, in order to keep your code clean and safe.

VideoLayout (

With this library, developers will have a performance-friendly video background with a few lines of code.

taskprogressview (

A lightweight calendar task progress view library for Android

kable (

Kotlin Asynchronous Bluetooth Low Energy provides a simple Coroutines-powered API for interacting with Bluetooth Low Energy devices



Kotlin 1.4.30-M1 (

Kotlin 1.4.30-M1 has arrived, with configuration cache support in the Gradle plugin and faster compilation times in Kotlin/Native.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   droidcon APAC presentations (

VIdeos from all the presentations of droidcon APAC

Compose for Desktop (

Hadi Hariri sits down to talk to Nikolay Igotti, who's now leading the efforts of Compose for Desktop at JetBrains.

GitHub Project Management - Breaking Down Project Tasks (

Nate Ebel teaches how to use GitHub project boards when breaking down software project tasks in this GitHub project management tutorial.

Android Developers Backstage: It's a Wrap! (

This last episode of the year arrives just in time for the holiday season. In this episode, Tor, Chet, and Romain go over everything that happened in 2020, both good and bad

The Developers’ Bakery - Coil with Colin White (

In this episode, Colin White introduces us to Coil, an Android image loading library that recently hit the 1.0 milestone, completely written in Kotlin and with first-class support for Kotlin Coroutines.