Issue #447

January 3rd, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

link image   RecyclerView in Android (

Magda Miu's overview of everything about RecyclerView

Getting our apps ready for Jetpack Compose (

Joe Birch shares a range of things we can do to get ready for Jetpack Compose.

Files, Boilerplate, and Testability (

Jesse Wilson is working on Okio’s multiplatform filesystem API, and shares some considerations about it.

Release trains (

Continuous delivery practices are sensible defaults across much of the industry. So why do mobile apps still require a unique approach? Jamie McDonald aims to demystify the mobile release train.

Refactoring for State Management (

In this post, Rebecca Stockbridge shares strategies to produce an excellent user experience while accepting the realities of an app that was not written with state management in mind.

Building complex screens in a RecyclerView with Epoxy (

In this article by Eric Ampire, see step by step how to simplify life when it comes to displaying complex lists using a library called Epoxy.

Tonnes of fun with Kotlin (

Michael Spitsin shares a couple of gotchas when using certain features of Kotlin.

Quick Tips to Start Using ExtendedFloatingActionButton (

This article by will provide you with the base knowledge & usage tips for adding Extended FAB to your project.

Hilt: the shortest guide for the DI framework for Anroid (

Hilt is pretty much Dagger (with all its speed and compile-time safety) but updated into something fast and easy. Bevan Steele shares a short guide on how much easier it can be.

Cooking Tasty code in Kotlin — Part 2 (

Shreyas Patil continues the series, with some more advanced recipes to cook your code tasty in Kotlin.

Coroutines Job Structures (

Mohit Sarveiya explores examples of creating Kotlin Coroutine Job hierarchies, their effect on cancellation, and Supervisor Jobs.

A Jetpack Compose by any other name (

Jake Wharton argues for better naming of the general-purpose Compose compiler/runtime and the more well-known Compose UI.

Practical network for Android Developers (part 5) (

In this final part of this series, Dinorah Tovar discusses mocking and testing and the way we can handle specific integrations of details with an HttpClient.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (


Libraries & Code

MotionLayout-Playground (

A collection of UI's built to showcase the capabilities of Motion Layout and Constraint Layout 2.0/2.1

Swec (

An Adapter class built on top of Epoxy's Typed2EpoxyController, which handles several additional states.

Cabret-Log (

This is an Kotlin Library that enables Annotation-triggered method call logging for Kotlin Multiplatform.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Simple Guide to Android Context (

In this video, Vlad Sonkin presents a simple guide to Android Context, what it is, and how to use it correctly.

Programming Blog Ideas (

In this week's episode, Nate Ebel helps defeat the blank page by exploring 8 programming blog post ideas and themes that you can turn to the next time you want to sit down and write a technical article.

Android origami fold-along (

Grab some paper and fold along as we create an Android logo origami.

Exploring the future of Android UI with Jetpack Compose (

Gurupreet Singh explores the future of Android UI with Jetpack Compose.

Building An Expense Tracker App (UI Design) (

In this tutorial series learn to develop an Expense Tracker App Completely from scratch with Modern Android Architecture Components

Inside-Out TDD - Search Functionality (Part 5) (

Jovche Mitrejchevski continues his series of presentations on Test-Driven Development.

Server driven UI with Jetpack compose (

Joe Birch discusses server-driven UI with Jetpack compose.



8 Best Things for Android Development in 2020 (

In this article, Vlad Sonkin tried to remember what happened in 2020 in Android development and came up with these 8 main things.

Year in Review 2020 (

Dan Lew's year in review

My 2020 Year Self-Review (

Raul Hernandez Lopez's retrospective of his past year.

Wrap-up 2020 (

Márton Braun's mostly personal ramble about things that happened during the year!