Issue #457

March 14th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Jetpack Compose: First Impressions and Learning Resources (

Márton Braun shares his first impressions about what it's like to use Compose at the moment, and some of the best places to learn more about it.

Compose API Guidelines (

The Compose team just made public the internal API guidelines that they have been trying to follow for Compose APIs.

link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (

Reach more than 66k Android developer around the world and place a sponsored post or job offering in our weekly Android development newsletter.

Measuring Realtime Database performance with Firebase (

Have you ever wondered how fast your Realtime Database operations are for your users in the real world? Sam Stern shows how to use Firebase Performance Monitoring to measure it.

From Java to Kotlin and back: Calling Kotlin from Java (

In this second article, Enrique López-Mañas keeps reflecting on some relevant aspects to consider when Java is calling Kotlin.

Android Biometric API (

Learn how to implement biometric authentication in your Android app by using the Android Biometric API to create an app that securely stores messages.

Building a Scroll-to-fade TopBar in Jetpack Compose (

Take a quick look at how we can build a custom TopBar that supports the ability to fade-in based on the values within a ScrollState reference.

Better handling states between ViewModel and Composable (

Igor Escodro describes some gotchas when using StateFlows with ViewModels and Jetpack Compose.

Misnomers, Mistakes and Misunderstandings with Coroutines and Flow (

Nick Skelton noticed some common anti-patterns that tend to arise while using Coroutines and Flow. In this article, he outlines how to recognize and refactor four of the most common cases.

Sealed interfaces in Kotlin (

Jorge Castillo writes a short overview of sealed interfaces coming up in Kotlin 1.5.

Free Up System Resources For Faster Gradle Builds (

Seeing a Gradle build that seems abnormally slow on a computer? Nate Ebel shares some tips for tracking down the culprit.

Dagger2 is hard, but it can be easy (

This article breaks down Dagger 2 into an approach that makes it seem easy to use.

RenderEffect for Blur (

Mark Allison examines a new API that has appeared in Android12: RenderEffect. It is a powerful API that is very clean and simple to use and also highly performant.

Remembering the State in Jetpack Compose (

Patxi Bocos examines how state is handled in Jetpack Compose.

Kotlin Lambda vs Method Reference (

Gurgen Gevondov analyses some of the subtle differences of using a lambda vs a method reference in Kotlin.

Google Pay API for Android (

Check out this Kotlin tutorial and learn how to make integrating Google Pay a little easier.

Simplified navigation between Composables (

Have you ever wanted to navigate between two Composables and wish it were super easy? Gabor Varadi makes it possible with Simple-Stack’s Compose integration.



link image   Designing Text for the People Who Read It (

The science behind visual acuity, legibility, and text size

Bring Your Application to Life (

Denis Crăciunescu describes how to bring your app to life and guide users with Material Motion transitions.

A UX journey of Compose Preview (

Preethi Srinivas and Paris Hsu of the Android Developer UX team invite you into their world and walk you through the journey so far of how they have approached designing Preview for Compose.



Android Software Engineer (San Diego, California)

This Android Engineer will participate in the development of Android applications that enable consumers to capture, relive and share their experiences + passions by developing media management, editing + story-telling features for use with GoPro cameras, media + cloud content.

Android Engineer (Kotlin) (Montana or Remote, USA only)

At onX, we bring our devotion to the outdoors to work daily with a singular, powerful goal: to awaken the adventurer inside everyone. Using the latest Android and mapping technologies, you'll work on a suite of leading off-the-pavement GPS apps used by millions of explorers.

Senior Android Engineer (Remote)

You'll be responsible for developing our native Android application. You won't be just another engineer at a giant company. We're a small tight-knit multidisciplinary team, and you'll be directly involved in shaping the product & culture.

Mobile Developer - Native (Atlanta, GA, USA)

The FIXD team is looking for a Mobile Developer with strong skills in native mobile development. You would be integral to the development of our core product and to delivering an experience customers love.

Android Engineer (Virtual)

Doctor On Demand’s mission is to improve the world’s health through compassionate care and innovation. We believe that health is personal, and means so much more than treating illness.

Android Developer (Remote)

Perry Street Software publishes two of the world’s largest gay & queer social dating apps. We are hiring Android developers with experience in design and architecture patterns, Android SDK, Kotlin, RxJava, and a good sense of usability and product.


Libraries & Code

SegmentedProgressBar (

An instagram-like segmented progress bar

ktfmt-gradle (

A Gradle plugin to apply ktfmt to your builds, and reformat you Kotlin source code

adb-tools-mac (

Mac menu bar app for common adb tools

simple-stack-compose-integration (

Compose integration for Simple-Stack.



link image   Creating custom Tiles on Wear OS (

Google announced that the Jetpack Tiles library is in alpha. This library enables developers to create custom Tiles on Wear OS smartwatches.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   WorkManager: Working in the background (

Ben Weiss introduces the APIs that WorkManager provides to stay off the main thread and then shows us a way to update the UI once your work is done.

Kotlin companion object - common use cases (

Rahul Pandey covers the companion object, which allows you to have properties or functions without having an instance of the class.

Jetbrains Projector with Joaquim (

Acclaimed Android developer Joaquim Verges describes how he landed upon a little effort by Jetbrains called Projector and seems to have found programmer Nirvana.

Talking Architecture Components with Florina Muntenescu (

Florina Muntenescu talks about Architecture components and other Jetpack libraries that Google develops. She takes a deep dive into each different component and what its purpose is. We covered ViewModel, Room, Paging, LiveData, DataStore, Hilt and Work Manager.