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April 18th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

link image   How to parse JSON in Android using Kotlin (

John Codeos takes a look at parsing JSON without using any 3rd party library but using the java class JSONTokener.

DataStore: 1.0.0-alpha08 (

Mark Allison continues a series on Jetpack DataStore, looking at the differences and improvements since the last article based on alpha01.

Android Vitals - Tap Response Time (

Py shows that the naive approach to measuring Tap Response Time isn't accurate and doesn't scale.

link image   Try Stream’s Android Chat SDK today (

The Android Chat SDK is easier than ever to get started with using our new beginner tutorials. Side projects and new startups can qualify for free access to Stream Chat with a Maker Account!

Handling back presses in Jetpack Compose (

The Navigation component might help us in implementing the navigation between screens in Android apps. Paweł Gajda looks at how this can also be used with Jetpack Compose UIs.

Animate as State and Animation Specs (

Andrew Khrystian breaks down some aspects of Jetpack Compose's animation system.

Compose, Camera and Canvas (

In the 2nd round of the #AndroidDevChallenge, GuilhE created an impressive pomodoro kitchen timer in Jetpack Compose. In this article, he describes the steps he took to build it.

Android Runtime — How Dalvik and ART work? (

If you ever wondered what Dalvik, ART, JIT and AOT exactly mean and how the Android Runtime works to make our apps as fast as possible — you’ll learn all that in this article 🚀.

Assign multiple styles to a single View in Android (

Ágoston Romhányi introduces a method for applying multiple styles to a view, similar to what CSS allows on the web.

Deep Dive Into Kotlin Data Classes for Android (

In this Kotlin data classes tutorial, Kshitij Chauhan teaches when and how to use data classes, how they vary from regular classes, and what their limitations are.

Using DataStore With Kotlin Serialization (

Rohit shows how you can also use DataStore with custom data classes using Kotlin Serialization.

NavigationUI (

In this article, Murat Yener takes a look at another use case where UI components, such as action bar, bottom tabs, or a drawer, are used to navigate between different parts of an app.

How to Pull Request.. (

Some guidelines that Nick Skelton has collected over the years from a number of different projects.

Exploring Kotlin initialization with Android custom views (

Amanda Hinchman takes a closer look at the relationship between Kotlin and programmatic & dynamic view inflation


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link image   10 Steps to Translate Your iOS Designs for Android (

Needs some guidance on how to bring your iOS experiences to Android in record time? Then follow these guidelines from Material Design Advocate Ivy Knight.



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Libraries & Code

Dads (

Just an app with lame dad jokes content to fill up your day. The interesting part is how it is all assembled.

KitchenTimer (

An impressive kitchen timer implemented with Jetpack Compose

TestParameterInjector (

A JUnit4 test runner that runs its test methods for different combinations of field/parameter values.



Kotlin 1.5.0-RC Released (

Kotlin 1.5.0-RC is available with all the features planned for 1.5.0 – check out the entire scope of the upcoming release!

Load Data Faster and Lower Your Costs with Firestore Data Bundles! (

Google announced that with the latest version of the client SDKs, you are able to use Firestore data bundles in your mobile and web applications! Data bundles can make certain types of Firestore applications much faster or less expensive.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   ART History (

In this episode, Romain, Chet and Tor sit down with Brian Carlstrom and Nicolas Geoffray to discuss their work on ART (the Android Runtime). Brian and Nicolas describe the early prototypes and bringup of ART, getting it production ready, as well as recent developments such as cloud profiles.

Android Runtime  -  How Dalvik and ART work? (

In this video Paulina Sadowska shows how Android Runtime works, what is ART, DALVIK, JIT and AOT and how Android Runtime evolved over the years to make our apps faster 🚀

Friends App Android Client Ep11 (

In this episode, Jov Mit writes more tests to make sure the UI is reacting properly to the different states, particularly backend error, offline error, or bad credentials.

Press with Saket Narayan (

An interview with Saket Narayan, Android Engineer at Square. Saket is an master of Android UI and Custom Views and today is on stage to talk to us about Press.

Intro to Navigation (

Android Developer Advocate Murat Yener gives a recap of the previous Navigation series for MAD Skills and what to look forward to in our second series!

DevOps for Developers with Will Button (

In this episode, Donn talks with DevOps expert, Will Button about everything DevOps-related. If you’re ever wondered how and what DevOps is, then listen in.

Cate Huston – Ray Wenderlich Podcast (

Cate takes Dru and Nishant up the Social Justice ladder discussing her interview in ‘Living By The Code.’

Navigation: UI - MAD Skills (

In this episode, take a look at how to integrate Navigation with UI components such as action bar, bottom tabs, or drawers.