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May 9th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

Using Realm persistence library in a Kotlin Multiplatform project (

John O'Reilly digs in to see what the Realm team has delivered for Kotlin Multiplatform.

link image   SIM Card Based Mobile Authentication with tru.ID (

Learn how you can access the authentication mechanism used by Mobile Network Operators. Securely verify phone numbers and detect SIM Swap attacks using tru.ID's APIs and SDKs.

Learning Live Templates for Jetpack Compose (

Matt McKenna takes a close look at Live Templates, how to create your own custom ones, and shares several useful templates for use with Jetpack Compose.

link image   Learnings from the Android System WebView Crash (

Critical apps crashed for millions of Android users around the world due to the Android System WebView bug. Read our blog post to get tips on how you can proactively protect your Android apps from similar outages. Never miss a single Android app crash with Bugsnag!

Bottom Navigation and Navigation Drawer Using Scaffold (

Avinash Agarwal shows how Scaffold is a composable component that makes designing some of the basic UI extremely easy.

How I built an "Asteroids" game using Jetpack Compose for Desktop (

Sebastian Aigner describes how he built a simple arcade game on top of Jetpack Compose in this series of articles.

Jetpack Compose — Reveal effect (

Benjamin Monjoie walks us through how he built a theme-switcher reveal animation in Jetpack Compose.

Migrating From Python to Kotlin for Our Backend Services (

Matt Anger writes about how a Python backend was re-engineered to use Kotlin and the Java ecosystem.

Android Lifecycle (

Understanding the Android lifecycle and responding correctly to state changes is crucial to building apps with fewer bugs that use fewer resources and provide a good user experience. Follow Denis Buketa's tutorial to learn more.

Supporting different screen sizes on Android with Jetpack Compose (

In this post, Rahul Sainani helps you to discover the pitfalls of using hard-coded dimensions and a way to support different screen sizes.

Things to know about Flow’s shareIn and stateIn operators (

In this blog post by Manuel Vivo, you’ll become familiar with the shareIn and stateIn operators by example. You’ll learn how to configure them to perform certain use cases and avoid common pitfalls you might encounter

Publish a Kotlin/Multiplatform library on Maven Central (

If you have some code ready to be shared and used by the community, Romain Boisselle shows you how to publish your future releases to Maven Central.

Hilt is stable! Easier dependency injection on Android (

Manuel Vivo declares that Hilt, Jetpack’s recommended dependency injection (DI) solution for Android apps, is stable and ready to be used in production apps.


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link image   Place a job post & reach over 66k Android devs (



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Android Developer (Cincinnati, OH/Remote)

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Android Engineer (USA)

ClassPass is the world's leading fitness and wellness aggregator and we're on a mission to help everyone lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. We're hiring junior and senior Android developers to build and grow our mobile app which is used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world.


Libraries & Code

link image   KMMT (

KMMT is a KMM based project template designed to simplify the KMM development

asteroids-compose-for-desktop (

Simple space game, built with Compose for Desktop!

DailyDoc (

Productivity Note App utilizing Jetpack Compose

Food2Fork-KMM (

Kotlin Multiplatform project that gets network data from

Inure (

An elegant and beautiful Android app manager

compose-samples (

Official Jetpack Compose samples



link image   Android Studio 4.2 (

Google has announced that Android Studio 4.2 is now available to download in the stable release channel

New safety section in Google Play (

Google is pre-announcing an upcoming safety section in Google Play that will help people understand the data an app collects or shares, if that data is secured, and additional details that impact privacy and security.

Technology Preview: Jetpack Compose for Web (

Jetbrains released the first technology preview of Jetpack Compose for Web

Kotlin 1.5.0 – the First Big Release of 2021 (

This release delivers stable language features such as JVM records, sealed interfaces, inline classes, and includes the new default JVM IR compiler.

Kotlin 1.5 Online Event (

Kotlin 1.5.0 has been released, and we’d like to invite you to celebrate the occasion with the Kotlin team on May 25, 2021.


Videos & Podcasts

Learning Android with Compose (

In this episode, Bryan Lidberg talks about his Android Development journey, in which he started with Compose!

Is Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Ready for Production? - YouTube (

Mitch Tabian built a Kotlin Multiplatform app using Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and put it in production for iOS and Android. All this to answer the question: Is KMM ready for production apps?

Android Worldwide April 2021 Presentation (

A playlist of presentations for April, including using Jetpack Compose for games & animations, Android App Bundles, and building custom lint rules.

Kotlin vs Java for Android App Development in 2021 (

Cody Engel compares using Kotlin vs Java for Android development in 2021.

GDG Tech Sessions — Kotlin special edition (

In this presentation, Mohit introduces Kotlin Multiplatform for building Android (and iOS) apps using shared code.

GDG Johannesburg Meetup Talks 2021 (

The playlist of several talks from GDG Johannesburg Meetups, including fun wth declarative UIs, StateFlow/SharedFlow and ConstraintLayout2.

What's new in Android Studio 4.2 (

Android Studio 4.2 is now available for download on the stable channel. This new version of Android Studio contains improvements to the database inspector, layout inspector, system trace, and apply changes.

What's new in kotlinx.serialization 1.2.0 (

Explore the highlights included with Kotlinx.serialization 1.2.0: high-speed JSON handling, support for Kotlin value classes and unsigned integer types, new and improved documentation and guides, alternative names for JSON fields, and expanded support for ProtoBuf schemas.

Secure Development Lifecycle with Glenn Leifheit (

In this episode of Fragmented, Donn talks with Glenn Leifheit from Microsoft about a concept known as “Secure Development Lifecycle”. Glenn is a Senior Security Program Manager at Microsoft