Issue #466

May 16th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Static analysis tools for Android (

Cristopher Oyarzun takes a look into the most popular static code analysis tools that you can use to implement and enforce custom rules in your Android codebase.

How we improved code review process in Android engineering team (

Making Android app delivery a couple of times faster (from seven days to one) requires changes in the entire development process; this article covers the code review process.

link image   Read the stories of Jenkins experts after cloud CI (

“The tricky part is habit. Hitting the same thing over and over again will eventually become familiar. This can lead to unforeseen consequences — like using Jenkins when it is not really necessary. Do not be afraid to change things.” — Artur Dymorov, Android Developer

Navigation: Nested graphs and include tag (

Murat Yener shows how to organize the navigation graph by using nested graphs and using the include tag to import other graphs

link image   A Guide to Performance Testing in Mobile (

With mobile becoming a crucial revenue-driving channel, making a case for mobile performance testing is paramount. This eGuide examines the different kinds of testing, from Load Testing to Front-end UI/UX. Find out what they are and why they are important.

Foldable SlidingPaneLayout (

Cesar shows how the latest updates to SlidingPaneLayout helps to create/enhance apps that adjust to new form factor devices, such as foldable and dual-screen, without the need to do too much work from your side.

Avoid CI/CD Lock-in — Make Your Builds More Portable (

Mark Ng shares some strategies to help make your build more portable between different CI/CD systems.

Assisted Injection With Dagger and Hilt (

Massimo Carli demonstrates what assisted injection is used for, how it works, and how you can add it to your app with Dagger’s new built-in support for the feature.

Dagger 2 and Jetpack Compose Integration (

Alexey Glukharev starts examining how Hilt works under the hood with Jetpack Compose navigation, then focuses on the Dagger 2 solution.

Infinite auto-scrolling lists with RecyclerView & LazyLists in Compose (

Rahul Sainani explores different approaches to create infinite auto-scrolling lists on Android.

How I learned to stop using RxJava and love the Flow (

Aleksandra Krzemień examines how the latest release of Kotlin Coroutines has almost everything needed to replace RxJava.

From Junior to Master in Kotlin — Basic Syntax (

Do you want to become a great Android/Kotlin developer? Then follow Gerardo Lopez Falcón in this series to take you from Junior to Master in Kotlin.

Fighting Testing Boilerplate with IntelliJ IDEA Live Templates (

Writing tests involves repeating some patterns over and over again. Aleksander Jaworski shows how IntelliJ IDEA can shorten the process of test creation with the help of live templates.

Kotlin and Compose for Desktop - The Balloon Years (

Ewald Horn demonstrates building a native app using Kotlin and Compose for Desktop.

Background Task Inspector (

Murat Yener describes a new inspector released with Android Studio Arctic Fox, to help you monitor and debug workers your app schedules using WorkManager 2.5.0 or higher.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



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Our team is behind one of the most well-loved health apps worldwide, MealPrepPro. We're looking for a Flutter developer to help us bring MealPrepPro to Android. This is a full time role.

Lead Developer Kotlin (Paris, France)

BAM is looking for a lead developer Kotlin to take part in its growth (+500% since 2015). Your goal is going to help our clients tackle their business problems thanks to mobile apps by using the lastest technologies.

Senior Android Developer (Remote - EMEA)

Komoot is an app that lets you find, plan, and share adventures with the easy route planner. It’s our mission to inspire great adventures by making them accessible to all. You’ll take over full responsibility of our Android App and team up with the rest of our world class Android team.


Libraries & Code

modernstorage (

ModernStorage is a group of libraries that provide an abstraction layer over storage on Android to simplify its interactions



link image   DevProdEng ShowdownGradle Enterprise (

On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, Android gurus from some of the most famous technology and global business brands will share thought-provoking choices they support or interesting approaches they recommend to optimize their codebase architecture and scale their developer productivity processes.

#AndroidDevChallenge - It’s a wrap! (

Now that Google has judged the final challenge for building Jetpack Compose apps, let’s wrap up, look back at this incredible journey and find out who the winners are!


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Friends App Android Client Ep15 (

In this episode, Jov Mit makes sure to display a blocking loading while a long-running operation is going on. He handles animating the blocking loading composable nicely between showing and hiding.

Staying up to date with new technologies as a Mobile Developer (

In this video, Natig talks about ways of staying up to date as a mobile app developer.

Setting up a database with Room — with Roberto Orgiu (

Two Italian coders live stream their sweary, mostly unsuccessful attempts at coding stuff

Contributing to the Kotlin Compiler (

In this episode, Jeffrey Van Gogh, Engineering Manager for Android Studio, and Mads Ager, Software Engineer and Tech Lead at Google discuss everything regarding their work on the D8 dexer, the R8 shrinker, and the Kotlin compiler.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) with Mitch Tabian (

In this episode, Donn talks with Mitch Tabian about Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, also known as KMM

Entering the World of Other Platforms Through KMP Gate (

On May 27th, Seyed Jafari will give us his talk "Entering the World of Other Platforms Through KMP Gate".

Nishant Srivistava (

After a season of podcasting and reading ‘Living By The Code’ Nishant is in the hot seat to talk about GDG, Open Source, throwing pottery and bookbinding.

Unit Testing Kotlin Channels & Flows (

Mohit Sarveiya shares with you how to implement and test Kotlin Channels and Flows with practical examples

Navigation: Navigating between modules (

In this episode, Murat will demonstrate how you can organize the Navigation graph by using nested graphs and using the include tag to import other graphs.