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May 23rd, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

Jetpack Compose: Styles and Themes (Part II) (

In this second part of the series, Waseef Akhtar looks at how styles and themes work in Compose, taking the app from Part I and giving it the final look that we want to achieve.

link image   tru.ID SubscriberCheck: A New SMS 2FA Alternative (

Learn how to embed tru.ID SubscriberCheck into your application as a simpler, stronger alternative to SMS 2FA. You'll verify a mobile number and check for SIM swap fraud at the same time.

Exploring the Material Navigation Rail (

In this post, Joe Birch shares his learnings about the new Material Navigation Rail so that you can understand how you can use this in your own apps.

link image   Prioritize user complaints on Google Play Store (

Know the impact of every issue across your users and business. With unsampled access to 100% of sessions, your mobile team can look up any complaint, understand what really happened, and see the impact on revenue and retention. Watch this webinar and see the power of actionable data from Embrace!

Migrating from LiveData to Kotlin’s Flow (

In this post by Jose Alcérreca, you’ll learn how to expose Flows to a view, how to collect them, and how to fine-tune to fit specific needs.

link image   A Guide to Visual Testing in Mobile (

When 1 in 4 applications are abandoned upon first use, don’t let a visual blocker be the reason users flock to your competitor’s app. Use this guide to learn about the paramount role of visual testing in driving the adoption of your mobile applications.

Random Musings on the Android 12 Beta 1 (

Each time Google releases a follow-on developer preview, Mark Murphy rummages through the incremental API differences report, the release notes, and even the release blog post, to see if there are things that warrant more attention from developers.

5 Exercises to Prepare Your App for Large Screens (

What to prioritize when building a responsive experience!

Using Google’s MLKit and CameraX for Barcode Scanning (

An in-depth article by Bea Kutis for implementing barcode scanning in your app using MLKit and CameraX.

Leak investigation: Rx disposal race in SQLDelight (

In this blog Py looks into how an easy mistake when using RxJava's Observable.create() can lead to subtle leaks.

Foldables at Google I/O (

Cesar considers all the announcements at Google I/O pertaining to enhancing apps for dual-screens and supporting larger screens.

Gradle: Version Catalogs (

Mark Allison examines an experimental feature in the newly release Gradle V7.0 called version catalogs. These can make life easier when we need to maintain consistent dependency versions in multi-module projects.

Writing Kotlin Parcelize compiler plugin for iOS (

Arkadii Ivanov describes his experience writing a Kotlin compiler plugin, where the primary goal was to create a Kotlin compiler plugin for iOS (Kotlin/Native) similar to Android’s kotlin-parcelize.


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Lead Developer Kotlin (Paris, France)

BAM is looking for a lead developer Kotlin to take part in its growth (+500% since 2015). Your goal is going to help our clients tackle their business problems thanks to mobile apps by using the lastest technologies.


Libraries & Code

iosched (

Even in 2021, the iosched team has continued adding several architecture improvements to its codebase and includes an experimental port of some screens to Jetpack Compose.

RoundedProgressBar (

A customizable, animated progress bar that features rounded corners. This Android library is designed to look great and be simple to use

ConditionWatcher (

Android tool which helps to synchronize application behaviors with test thread in automation tests.

Chamber (

A lightweight Android lifecycle-aware and thread-safe pipeline for communicating between components with custom scopes.

Poko (

A Kotlin compiler plugin for applying generating equals, hashCode, and toString for plain old Kotlin objects in public APIs. It generates fewer functions than using Kotlin data classes.



link image   What’s new in Android 12 Beta (

At Google I/O, they've unveiled the first Beta of Android 12, one of the most ambitious releases ever.

What's new in Jetpack (

Here’s a round-up of the latest updates in Jetpack - an extended version of the What’s new in Jetpack talk!

What’s new with Wear (

Google announces their biggest update yet to the Wear platform, with new features, APIs and tools to help developers create beautiful, high quality wearable experiences.

What's new in foldables, tablets, and large screens (

Users are seeing more value in larger screens, and the benefits of doing more with a single device. Apps designed for large screen devices increase those benefits even further.

What’s new in Android Privacy (

Privacy is core to Android’s product principles. Android 12 continues to expand on this existing foundation by making the platform even more private.

What's new with Android for Cars (

Google is seeing strong momentum across their in-car experiences, Android Auto and Android Automotive OS, and they share the latest updates.

What's new in Android TV (and Google TV!) (

Google announced several new tools and helpful features to make developing for Android TV OS easier and enable you to create engaging experiences for your users.

What's new for Android developers at Google I/O (

Google covered a few ways that they’re trying to help developers, whether it be through Android 12 - one of the biggest design changes ever, Jetpack, Jetpack Compose, Android Studio, and Kotlin to help you build beautiful high-quality apps.

Unveiling Material You (

Google unveiled Material You, a radical new way to think about design. Material You will transform design for Android, for Google, and for the entire tech industry. Over

What’s new from Firebase at Google I/O 2021 (

The Firebase team has unveiled updates to the platform that will help you accelerate app development, run your app more effectively, and optimize your user experience so you can grow your business.

Introducing the Compose Material Catalog (

The Material Design team announces a new canonical reference of Material Design components, theming, dark theme, and how to implement these features in Jetpack Compose: the Compose Material Catalog

The top Google Play updates from I/O ‘21 (

Google announced many great new features, tools, and updates to help you make the most of Google Play. Here's a quick overview of the new capabilities that will help take your business even further, from driving more installs to growing your engagement and revenue.

Unveiling Material You (

Google unveiled “Material You”, a radical new way to think about design.

Kotlin Coroutines 1.5 (

Kotlin Coroutines 1.5.0 is out! Here’s what the new version brings: GlobalScope Marked as Delicate, Refined Channels API, and More!


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android & Play at Google I/O 2021 (

Over the three days of Google I/O 2021, developers and enthusiasts from around the world came together to share the latest in Android & Play, dive deeper into all things Google, and share feedback and skills through workshops, AMAs, and demos. Watch all the Android & Play Keynotes, Sessions, workshops, AMAs, and more.