Issue #474

July 11th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Navigation in multi module Compose UI project + Hilt (

Google released the navigation component for Compose and it has its shortcomings, especially with multi-modular applications, and FunkyMuse shares some solutions.

Compose architecture: MVVM or MVI with Flow? (

Catalin Ghita considers which MV* patterns to apply to Compose UI implementations.

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NavigationRailView (

In this article, Nav Singh writes about NavigationRailView which hits the stable channel in Material Design Components version 1.4.0

Using StateFlow over LiveData for end-to-end operations (

Tony Kazanjian shows why using StateFlow and Flows can be a flexible and performant solution for observing data in all areas of your application.

Multimedia Operations for Android using FFmpeg (

Ashwin Vavaliya shows the value of using FFmpeg libraries in your app for a variety of multimedia processing needs.

Instagram-like particles animation using Jetpack Compose (

In this article, Andrei Belous develops an Instagram-like emoji reactions animation.

Reactive Streams on Kotlin: SharedFlow and StateFlow (

In this tutorial by Ricardo Costeira, you’ll learn about reactive streams in Kotlin and build an app using two types of streams: SharedFlow and StateFlow.

How To Securely Build and Sign Your Android App With GitHub Actions (

Kennay Kermani shows how to implement automated release signing without uploading your KeyStore file to your repository.

Kotlin flow: Nesting vs Chaining (

Vasya Drobushkov demonstrates how reactive streams are not only about chaining but also about nesting. Find out what they are, what are the differences, and why it matters.

Android Automotive OS on a Tablet (

Al Sutton announces the availability of a set of build instructions and prebuilt-images which will allow developers to run Android Automotive OS 11 (AAOS), and test their apps, on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e.

Compose: UI Screenshot Testing (

In this post, Mark Allison looks at how we can test animations in Compose using UI screenshots.


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Libraries & Code

link image   TransformationLayout (

Transform into a different view or activity using morphing animations

create-compose-app (

A tool that gives you a massive head start when building Compose based apps. It saves you from time-consuming setup and configuration

surface-duo-window-manager-samples (

Android samples built using Jetpack Window Manager for foldable and dual-screen devices like Microsoft Surface Duo.

BubbleTabBar (

BubbleTabBar is bottom navigation bar with customizable bubble like tabs

DashedView (

The easiest way to create a dashed or striped background on Android



TensorFlow Hub for Real World Impact (

TensorFlow Hub is an open repository of pre-trained machine learning models ready for fine-tuning and deployable anywhere, from servers to mobile devices, microcontrollers, and browsers.

Optimize your app using the Firebase SDK and Android App Bundles (

As of the 28.0.0 release of the Firebase BoM, you can now use Firebase SDKs in feature modules of your app, not just your base module!

Google Play services discontinuing updates for Jelly Bean (

Google announces that it's deprecating support for JB in future releases of Google Play services.

Announcing Android’s updateable, fully integrated ML inference stack (

To help solve problems with deploying ML stacks in an app, Google has built the Android ML Platform - an updateable, fully integrated ML inference stack.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Adopting Jetpack Compose (

In this talk Joe Birch explores how we can use Jetpack Compose in our existing Android classes, allowing you to incrementally adopt compose into existing applications and start using it in your projects right away!

Kotlin Lists 2021 (

In this episode of Standard Library Safari, learn all about lists!

Kotlin News June 2021 (

This episode is dedicated to the release of Kotlin 1.5.20, the new Java-to-Kotlin migration guide, the IDE Performance blog post series, Jetpack Compose for Desktop, context receivers, and updates to the Kotlin public roadmap.

Android Developers Backstage: Testing (

In this episode, Romain and Tor are joined by Adarsh Fernando, Arif Sukoco and Yahan Zhou from the Android Studio team, covering the recent improvements to support for testing.

Android and Play at Google for Games Developer Summit 2021 (

Playlist of all the videos for the virtual #GoogleforGames Dev Summit 2021

Talking Kotlin: Kotlin at DoorDash (

Matt Anger, Senior Staff Engineer at DoorDash, walks us through how they have embraced Kotlin on Android, their server-side backend services, migrating away from their previous monolithic implementation, and going all in with Kotlin as DoorDash’s language of choice.