Issue #476

July 25th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Tricky refactoring of Jetpack Compose code (

In this article, Martin Sumera shows you an example of how simple refactoring can lead to unexpected issues caused by side effects.

Guidelines for writing better tests (

This post aims to summarize some important guidelines that were discovered throughout the years and gathered into a single place

link image   OWASP Top 10: Why it Matters for Developers (

The OWASP Mobile Top 10 is a trusted and powerful resource for developers to learn how to defend against mobile application attacks. Learn more about the security techniques you need in order to protect your app today!

Optimizing Your Kotlin Build (

Kotlin build times are often slow, so Zac Sweers shared this laundry list of common issues and what you can or can't do about them.

link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (

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Beyond preferences (

Thomas Künneth dives into the use of the new Jetpack Preferences library.

Using Exoplayer in LazyColumn (

In this article, Shashank Mishra describes how to implement video playback in a list in Compose.

How much QA is too much QA? (

Ash Davies discusses how using effective design can help your engineers find the source of failures, quickly, effectively, and precisely, resulting in fewer side effects, and a faster feedback cycle.

Lifecycle-Aware Components Using Android Jetpack (

Rodrigo Guerrero writes about lifecycle-aware components including what they are, how they work, how to implement your own components and how to test them

Create Bitmaps From Jetpack Composables (

This article by Johann Blake explains how to create complex bitmaps using Jetpack composables

So, how do I write a Kotlin Symbol Processor (KSP)? (

In this tutorial, Pavlo Stavytskyi goes through each step of creating annotation processors with KSP, so that you will have an understanding of how to use it for your needs.

Updating your widget for Android 12 (

In this mini-article series, Murat Yener takes a look at updating your Widget for Android 12.

Focus in Jetpack Compose (

Focus management is a little different in Compose versus what we’re used to in plain old Android, so Jamie Sanson takes a look!

Inside Code Transparency: The Verification Process (

A week ago, Mark Murphy looked at the contents of the JWT file created by the code transparency process. Here he peeks at how that gets verified.

How to create a Navigation Drawer with Jetpack Compose (

John Codeos shows how to build a navigation drawer with Compose UI.

Building an Enterprise IntelliJ Plugin for Android Developers (

This blog post by Pierce Johnson should have everything required to get started with writing an enterprise-level plugin.

Destructuring Declarations in Kotlin (

Arjuna sky Kok shows that destructuring declarations is a Kotlin feature that gives you a tool for easily extracting data from a collection in a simple and clean way.



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Libraries & Code

link image   PixImagePicker (

Pix is a Whatsapp-style image picker replica

voyager (

Voyager is a pragmatic navigation library built for, and seamlessly integrated with, Jetpack Compose

FigmaToCompos (

Plugin and backend to convert Figma designs to Jetpack Compose code



Preview of Kotlin 1.5.30 (

Preview of Kotlin 1.5.30 With Native Apple Silicon Support, Improved Kotlin DSL for the CocoaPods Gradle Plugin, and More


Videos & Podcasts

link image   MOBCAST: UI testing on Android (

In this episode, learn about the UI Testing Strategy that is used in an Android App to deliver the best experience possible to users.

onActivityResult and startActivityForResult deprecated (

This video shows how to use Activity Result APIs since onActivityResult and startActivityForResult have been deprecated.

User properties and user-scoped custom dimensions (

In this episode, Rachel Collins goes over updates to the Firebase console UI as well as user properties and user-scoped custom dimensions

Idiomatic Kotlin: Solving Advent of Code Puzzles, Day 2 (

Let’s continue learning how to write idiomatic Kotlin code by solving the Advent of Code 2020 tasks!. Day 2 includes looking at string utility functions, regular expressions, operations on collections, and how the "let" function helps to transform the expression nicely to the form you need.

Google for Games 2021 Developer Summit recap (

Top 3 recap of the tools, features, and products announced at the Google for Games Developer Summit 2021

Jetpack Compose Graphics & Animation (

In this episode Nick and Chet are joined by Dois Liu and Nader Jawad to discuss Compose’s Animation and Graphics systems.

Introduction to Performance (

Android Performance Engineer Carmen Jackson gives us a preview on how system tracing and sampling profiling are used to debug performance issues in apps, and more!

The Legacy Code Change Algorithm (

In this episode, Donn dives into his favorite software book: Working Effectively with Legacy Code. He talks about one of the introduction level topics: The Legacy Code Change Algorithm

Build A Book App In With Jetpack Compose (

In this video, Spikey Sanju shows you how to build a books app using the power and simplicity of Android Jetpack Compose UI Toolkit.