Issue #478

August 8th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

Introducing Navigation-Material (

Over the past (almost) 6 months, Jossi Wolf worked on a library in collaboration with the Navigation team that offers support for Modal Bottom Sheets in Navigation Compose.

link image   Forget writing testing scripts, use Waldo (

text + link : Waldo is the first fully no-code mobile testing solution. Now, anyone on your team can create reliable automated tests and help you fix bugs before your users find them try Waldo now, for free.

Trying out the experimental new Kotlin/Native memory model (

Russell Wolf takes a closer look at Kotlin/Native 1.5.30-M1 early-access release's redesigned memory model.

link image   World's First Jetpack Compose Chat SDK! (

Stream's new Jetpack Compose team has worked hard for the past few months to build the first Compose Chat SDK out there! Please try it out and let us know what you think.

Integrating detekt in the Workflow (

Harun Wangereka teaches how to integrate the powerful detekt tool in Android app development to help detect and prevent code smells during the development process.

Finite State Machine as a ViewModel for Jetpack Compose Screens (

In this article, Sergey Nes explicitly define a practical, step-by-step guide to model complex UI Screens using the Finite State Machines.

Loading images for Jetpack Compose using Glide, Coil, and Fresco (

Jaewoong Eum writes about Landscapist, a library for integrating various image loading libraries into Compose UI.

Camera2 - Everything You Wanted To Know (

This article by tomerpacific will be your one-stop source for understanding how to interact with the Camera2 API.

Re-writing the AOSP Calendar App in Kotlin (

Damian Patel and Mahi Kolla describe the conversion of the AOSP Calendar app from Java to Kotlin.

Large-screen UI in the Google I/O App (

Jonathan Koren writes about some of the techniques used to make the Google I/O app perform better on large screens.

How OkCredit Android App improved Cold Startup by 70% (

Anjal Saneen and his team ended up improving their app startup time by 70%. This is the story of how they did it.

Animations in Navigation Compose with Accompanist (

Ian Lake announces the next steps for bringing more animation to Navigation in Compose.

Auto Unlock Android Device on App Deploy (

Shabaz Ahmed shows how to automate the device unlock on app deployment by creating a bash script.

Best practice to build accessible apps with Jetpack Compose (

Fanny Demey shares a list of best practices to make your Jetpack Compose app accessible specifically for people who are blind.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



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Libraries & Code

link image   NYTimes-Compose (

An offline first application in Jetpack Compose with MVVM architecture, representing a minimalistic implementation of Top Stories API. Built with components like DataStore, Coroutines, ViewModel, LiveData, Room, Navigation-Compose, Coil-Accompanist, koin etc.



link image   New features in App Check beta (

Google announced three new features we’ve added to the App Check beta: support for App Attest on iOS, configurable time-to-live values (TTLs) for tokens, and support for protecting non-Firebase backends with App Check.

Compose Multiplatform goes Alpha, unifying Desktop, Web, and Android UIs (

Compose for Desktop and Compose for Web are being promoted to Alpha!


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Migrating to Compose: ComposeView Comparisons (

In this video Joe Birch compare the approaches to including Jetpack Compose in your existing Android UI layouts, summarising learnings from the ComposeView and AbstractComposeView.

Android Guide to App Architecture Explained in 3 Minutes (

A look at Google's official guide to app architecture which describes best practices for building modern, robust, and testable Android apps.

Turbo Native for Android and Hotwire with Jay Ohms\ (

Donn talks to Jay Ohms about Turbo Native for Android, Hotwire, and how to build apps faster with Hotwire, Turbo, Stimulus, and Strata

Performance: Using sampling profiling with Systrace (

Carmen Jackson discusses how using sampling profiling along with your systrace can be a low-effort way to create a ton of visibility into what is happening in your app.

Android Developers Backstage: Compose Testing (

In this episode, Nick and Romain are joined by Filip Pavlis, Jelle Fresen & Jose Alcérreca to talk about Testing in Compose.

Ten Years of Kotlin: The Story of The Programming Language (

Let’s celebrate 10 years of Kotlin!