Issue #479

August 15th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Detect Instagram-like gestures with Jetpack Compose (

Thomas Pucci recreates the Instagram stories screen, along with its gestures, in Compose UI.

What's the equivalent of in Jetpack Compose? (

Vinay Gaba's tool for finding the Jetpack Compose equivalents to XML attributes and Views.

Safe delay in Android Views: goodbye Handlers, Hello Coroutines! (

Julien Salvi shows how we can take advantage of the coroutines and lifecycle libraries to replace the Handler().postDelay() method to safely trigger an action after a specified amount of time.

link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (

Place a sponsored post or job post to reach thousand of Android developers around the world

How to animate BottomSheet content using Jetpack Compose (

Yahor Urbanovich demonstrates an animated & interactive bottom sheet implementation in Compose UI.

Jetpack Compose Support in Workflow (

A deep, deep dive into making Square Workflow @Composable

Android App Modularisation and Navigation (

Júlio Cesar Bueno Cotta presents a common problem when modularising Android Apps and the navigation library that he created to help us with it.

Migrate from Dagger to Hilt — A Step by Step Guide (

In this post, Trinh Le shares a step-by-step guide to migrate from Dagger to Hilt gradually.

An introduction to snapshot testing on Android in 2021 (

Snapshot testing is a powerful tool if used properly, ensuring that your app looks as it should under any specification our app requires. Sergio Sastre Florez examines how to implement these tests.

Activity Recognition API Tutorial for Android (

Andrej Vukelic teaches how to track your activities in your Android app by creating a fitness app that uses the Activity Recognition API.

Jetpack Compose – Text Shadows (

Sam Edwards shares his adventures in recreating TextView-style text shadows in Compose UI.

Pushing the right buttons in Jetpack Compose (

This article walks you through the evolutionary journey of a relatively ‘simple’ component, Button, to give you an inside look at how iteratively the APIs were designed to be easy to use, yet flexible.



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Senior Android Engineer (Remote, US timezones)

Help us craft new greenfield architecture in Android using the latest technologies, Compose, AndroidX, Kotlin, Jetpack. Our foundational technology mobile team needs you!


Libraries & Code

link image   Quantitizer (

An animated quantity stepper for android projects

ruler (

Ruler is a Gradle plugin which helps you analyze the size of your Android apps

link-router (

This library contains the basic infrastructure for routing deepLinks, activities and fragments within a multi-module application in a way that a feature module does not need to explicitly depend of another

chesso (

Chesso is an animated, Jetpack Compose-based chess app aimed at beginners and intermediate players for studying purposes.

moko-kswift (

KSwift it's gradle plugin for generation Swift-friendly API for Kotlin/Native framework

McCompose (

A sample app built with Jetpack Compose



link image   Sharing Tiles with your smartwatch users: (

Google announced Tiles can be shared with your smartwatch users. You can start creating your custom Tile by downloading the latest Alpha release of the Jetpack Tiles API

Android 12 Beta 4 and Platform Stability (

Google has released the fourth Beta of Android 12, and moving into the final phase of the release.

Join the Android Study Jams to learn about developing quality Android apps (

Join fellow developers in your community and improve your skills by attending an Android Study Jam!

Kotlin 1.5.30-RC (

The 1.5.30 release is approaching, and now Jetbrains is presenting the release candidate


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Talking Kotlin: 10 Years of Kotlin Special (

This special episode is dedicated to the 10 Years of Kotlin celebration and features 6 guests talking about their journeys with the language.

What Does Android's Jetpack Compose 1.0 Release Mean For You? (

Nate Ebel explores what the release of Jetpack Compose means for you and your projects, and shares his thoughts after working with Compose in production for the past couple of months.

Privacy features in Android 12 (

In this episode, Chet, Romain and Tor talk with Sara N Marandi, Fred Chung and Erik Wolsheimer about the new privacy features in Android 12, such as the privacy dashboard, and the camera and microphone usage indicators.

The Future of Kotlin (

What lies in store for Kotlin in the next decade? Together with Roman Elizarov, gaze into the future, and watch the collected insights in this video.

Everything is an API with Ash Davies (

Ash Davies shows that by taking the stance that every piece of code we write is an API we can build more versatile and scalable applications.

Kotlin State & Shared Flows in Action with Mohit Sarveiya (

Mohit Sarveiya dives deep into the Shared & State Flow APIs