Issue #480

August 22nd, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Becoming a Xoogler (

Chris Banes take a trip down memory lane to look at some of the people and projects that helped him get to where he is today.

Coroutine builders (

There are three essential coroutine builders provided by kotlinx.coroutines library that Marcin Moskała explores in this article.

link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (

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Dagger 2 complete tutorial for beginner (

In this series, Tuan Kiet walks you through the very basics of Dagger, hoping also to be the last Dagger tutorial you ever need!

Jetpack Compose Side-Effects — LaunchedEffect (

In this series of blog posts, Udit Verma helps you to understand what different ways can we perform a side-effect in Compose. This first part talks about LaunchedEffect

Accessibility in the Android world (

Nav Singh teaches about accessibility in general and how to implement and test it in our applications.

Entity Extraction using Google’s ML Kit on Android (

Danish Amjad describes Google’s on-device ML Kit which introduced a useful API for Entity Extraction.

Pose estimation and classification with MoveNet and TensorFlow Lite (

Yuchen Shi writes about MoveNet, the state-of-the-art pose estimation model that can detect 17 body parts from a live camera feed.

Meet the Firestore Emulator Requests Monitor (

Yuchen Shi explains the Firestore Emulator Requests Monitor, which allows you to see requests to your local Firestore Emulator in real-time, and drill down to the details of each request, such as method, path, and Firebase Security Rules evaluation.

Working Towards Android App Excellence (

Jacob Lehrbaum lists some best practices behind app excellence.

Measuring the impact of the app screenshots (

David Serrano Canales shares a way to improve the store conversion rate of your app by adding beautiful and meaningful screenshots.

Unbundling the WindowManager (

Pietro Maggi shows how Jetpack WindowManager, now in beta, is a library and API providing capabilities similar to the Android framework WindowManager, including support for responsive UIs, callback adapters for detecting screen changes, and window testing APIs.

Why Workflow? (

Stephen Edwards explains why Square makes its own application framework.

Seamless account transfers with Block Store (

Meghan Mehta presents the Block Store API to make logging back into the user’s applications on a new device as simple as restoring from a backup in the setup process.

Measuring Render Performance with Jetpack Compose (

This article by Will Shelor explores his teams' learnings related to the analysis of Jetpack Compose performance.

Observing live connectivity status in Jetpack Compose (

In this article, Shreyas Patil implements showing live connectivity status with Jetpack Compose in its own beautiful way.

Kotlin Multiplatform For Android and the Web - Part 1 (

Aleksander Jaworski shares parts of my thesis about Kotlin Multiplatform, based on a project which consists of an Android App, a Kotlin React.JS app and a Ktor server.

Supporting different screen sizes on Android with Jetpack Compose (

In this post, Rahul Sainani discovers the pitfalls of using hard-coded dimensions and shares a way to support different screen sizes.



Software Engineer, Android (United States, Remote)

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Android App Developer at Univrses (Stockholm)

You will develop, maintain and design solutions for the Android app that is the heart of Univrses' Smart City platform 3DAI™ City. While collaborating closely with designers, scientists and product owners, you will develop cutting-edge technologies that will change the way people live their lives

Full Stack Android Engineer (Remote)

Scruff & Jack'd, two of the world's largest LGBTQ+ dating apps on Android, are looking for full stack developers to help build experimental features that will shape the next generation of their products.

Senior Android Engineer (Remote - North America / South America)

At GoDaddy, you can propel your career. You'll have the ability to do so by enabling small business owners to sell and grow their business via easy-to-use Mobile tools. If you're a self-driven, and strong Android developer, you belong at GoDaddy! Click the link to learn more about the #GoDaddyLife.


Libraries & Code

link image   datmusic-android (

Music search, downloader & player app. WIP v2 with Compose UI and full rewrite/redesign.

pose_estimation (

This is an app that continuously detects the body parts in the frames seen by your device's camera.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Adopting a Functional Style for Advent of Code Puzzles (

Take a look at how imperative code can be rewritten in a more functional style. Also discuss how to work with pairs, use ‘reduce’, edit code in column selection mode, and fix integer overflows.

Build multiplatform projects in Kotlin and learn more about server-driven UI (

Adit Lal talks server-driven UI and John O'Reilly show how GraphQL can be used in shared code in a Kotlin Multiplatform project.

Kotlin Coroutines: Important Answers from The Kotlin Team (

In this episode of 5 Kotlin Questions, Vsevolod Tolstopyatov, the lead of Kotlin libraries team, answers 5 popular questions about the present and the future of Coroutines.

Material Components: Bottom Sheets (

Learn the 3 types of bottom sheets available and how to pick the one most suitable for your needs.

State and performance in Jetpack Compose — with Leland Richardson (

In this episode, Leland Richardson discusses Measuring Render Performance with Jetpack Compose.