Issue #483

September 12th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Hands on Jetpack AppSearch (

Thomas Künneth takes a look at Jetpack AppSearch, which allows you to store information about your app data in a search engine and retrieve it later using full-text search.

Hilt under the hood (

Brad Corso examines how the various Hilt annotations work together to generate code and how the Gradle Plugin works behind the scenes to improve the overall experience when using Hilt with Gradle.

link image   World's First Jetpack Compose Chat SDK! (

Stream's new Jetpack Compose team has worked hard for the past few months to build the first Compose Chat SDK out there! Please try it out and let us know what you think.

Effective Kotlin: Consider using inline value classes (

Marcin Moskała examines what inline value classes are and why you would use them.

Testing Hybrid Jetpack Compose Apps (

Annyce Davis shares an approach to writing tests for a hybrid Jetpack Compose application comprised of one Activity and several Fragments with a ComposeView.

Thinking functionally in Kotlin (

In this article, Kauserali Hafizji touches upon some functional programming concepts, taking a problem statement and building a solution in Kotlin.

A Simple Framework For Mobile System Design Interviews (

Alex Lementuev shares a simple framework for Mobile System Design interviews

Utilizing ADB for daily tasks (

There's more to adb than you might know, so Aung Kyaw Paing shares some of the commands that can help your day-to-day activities.

Jetpack Compose Side-Effects II — rememberCoroutineScope (

Udit Verma examines the cases where you would need to use rememberCoroutineScope in your Compose implementation.

Easy Machine Learning for On-Device Audio (

In this blog post, Luiz Gustavo Martins shares resources to help you develop and customize an audio classification model for your app, with a couple of real-world examples for inspiration.

Trackr comes to the Big Screen (

Trackr is a sample task management app that was recently adapted the app for large screens, so Jonathan Koren takes a look at how applying Material Design and responsive patterns produced a more refined and intuitive user experience on large screen device.

Don't mock static: test Timber Logger with trees (

Jarosław Michalik describes how to create a custom Timber Tree to test log outputs in unit tests.

Mocking Matchers API (

Vasya Drobushkov shares a story about the interesting behavior of a mocking library and the difficulties of defining an API surface for a library.

MockWebServer + HTTPS (

Adam Bennett describes a niche configuration problem with MockWebServer and an https url, with some notes on the problem and the solution used.

Shipping Clubhouse on Android in 10 Weeks (

Peek into Mopewa Ogundipe's experience building the Clubhouse app for Android: what the process was like, what challenges were solved, and the things learned along the way.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Software Engineer, Android (Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle)

Snapchat is a camera and messaging app that connects people to their friends and the world. We’re looking for an Android Engineer to join the Augmented Reality team to support the continuous growth and evolution of our AR products

Junior, Senior, Lead iOS Android & Eng. Managers (New York City, Chicago, D.C., Richmond)

We're a Bank/FinTech that reaches millions of consumers every day. We're mobile first and have 200+ native mobile devs. We use Kotlin and Coroutines to build our app with the latest and greatest from Google. We're looking to hire 40+ devs & managers of all levels.

Android Engineer at Series B Startup, Persona (San Francisco, Remote)

Persona is working to make the internet safer and more human. We are backed with $67M in funding from Index, First Round and Coatue. This role would help lead development for Persona's Android SDK that will be used by our customers such as Instacart, Robinhood, SimpleHealth, Coursera, Doordash.


Libraries & Code

Tangle (

Tangle binds Android components for Dagger with Anvil



Richer navigation, charging, parking apps to more Android Auto users (

Google announces the release of Android for Cars App Library version 1.1 beta, which helps complete the transition to Jetpack.

link image   Android 12 Beta 5 update, official release is next! (

With just a few weeks away from the official release of Android 12, Google brings you a final Beta update to help you with testing and development

Accelerated Kotlin build times with Kotlin Symbol Processing 1.0 (

Kotlin Symbol Processing (KSP), Google's new tool for building lightweight compiler plugins in Kotlin, is now stable!

Kotlin 2021 Premier Online Event (

The Kotlin event of the year – big announcements and future Kotlin plans! Register here.

What Is In Code With Me 2021.2? (

Code With Me, the JetBrains tool for pair programming and collaborative coding, has reached its second big release. The super-early bird version of the plugin is now compatible with Android Studio Bumblebee 2021.1.1


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Increase Your Efficiency as an Android Dev (

Rahul Pandey talks about how to improve your efficiency as an Android Developer with keyboard shortcuts, ADB aliases, and live templates.

Philipp Lackner: Building Your Brand, Jetpack Compose, Flutter (

In this episode, Philipp Lackner talks about tips on how to grow your presence on social media, freelancing, developer productivity, Jetpack Compose, Flutter, KMM, and much more.

Labeling images for Accessibility (

In this episode of Accessibility in Android, learn about the importance of labeling graphical elements in your app and how to best formulate these labels.

Kotlin Tutorial: Binary Representation of Numbers (

In the fifth episode of Idiomatic Kotlin’s AdventOfCode series, we'll look at a “hidden” binary encoding for natural numbers that can be used to identify seats on a plane, along with the Kotlin solution for the challenge.

Android Developers Backstage: Compose tooling (

In this episode, Tor and Nick are joined by Chris Sinco, Diego Perez and Nicolas Roard to discuss the features added to Android Studio for Jetpack Compose.

Kotlin News August 2021 (

Check out the most interesting developments around Kotlin in August 2021! This episode covers the 1.5.30 release, Compose Multiplatform, New possibilities to learn Kotlin in JetBrains Academy, and more.

Hilt and Dagger under the hood (

Dagger and Hilt Engineer Brad Corso will take a deep dive into how Hilt works under the hood. We’ll look at how Hilt uses annotation processors to generate code, and some of the benefits provided by the Hilt Gradle plugin.

Talking Compose in Production with Jossi Wolf (

In this episode of Talking with Apples, hear Jossi Wolf talk about working with Jetpack Compose in Production since the Alpha version.