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September 26th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

Accessibility in Jetpack Compose (

New Accessibility in Compose Codelab released! All about touch target sizes, custom actions, click labels, and a lot more!

link image   Free eBook: Building Mobile Apps at Scale (

Learn about the engineering challenges that coincide with building mobile apps at scale and how you can best overcome them in this free eBook from SonarSource! Download now.

Benefits of building components instead of screens (

In this article, Alex Zhukovich talks about the benefits of creating custom UI components.

link image   Keep your application performant & users happy (

When something goes wrong, you need to imagine what that support ticket will look like. Sentry removes the need to imagine by providing rich context about errors & performance slowdowns in your mobile applications. New users get 1 month free using code ANDROIDWEEKLY.

Explore the SplashScreen API (

In this article, Mohit Sharma explores how to build a splash screen with the SplashScreen API, which was introduced in Android 12.

Kotlin Native. Multithreading without Coroutines (

Anna Zharkova previously showed how to use Coroutines for simple multithreading in Kotlin Native. This time she talks about using the native mechanism of Kotlin Native to deal with asynchronous work.

Automating analyzing of code in Android projects (

Kirill Rozov shares some automated tools for improving your code and catching errors.

Style Navigation Bar on Android (

In this post, Peng Jiang goes through two ways to create/style the bottom navigation bar with the most common use cases.

Hilt Extensions in the MAD Skills series (

Daniel Santiago takes a look at how to write your own Hilt extensions

The secrets of effectively snapshot testing on Android (

in this blog post, Sergio Sastre Florez Goes step by step to show what views to snapshot test and why and how to write snapshot tests to catch hard-to-find visual bugs (with code samples).

Skia shaders in Compose Desktop (

For the past year or so Kirill Grouchnikov has been working Aurora, a set of libraries for building Compose Desktop apps.

How to return 2+ values with 0 allocation in Kotlin (

Louis CAD shows how it's possible to get more than one value out of a function execution, without any allocation, and with no class to name.

Launch Response Time (

Py takes a look at how we can properly measure Launch Response Time in production.


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link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs (



Android Engineer (Remote - EU, EEA, Switzerland & UK)

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Android Engineer (Java/Kotlin) (Berlin, Germany)

We're looking for an Senior Android Engineer (Java/Kotlin) in Berlin who will join our international tech team as soon as possible in creating one of the fastest growing companies in the heating market.

Junior, Senior, Lead iOS Android & Eng. Managers (New York City, Chicago, D.C., Richmond)

We're a Bank/FinTech that reaches millions of consumers every day. We're mobile first and have 200+ native mobile devs. We use Kotlin and Coroutines to build our app with the latest and greatest from Google. We're looking to hire 40+ devs & managers of all levels.


Libraries & Code

link image   FontSizeTestRule (

An ActivityScenario extension and a Junit4 TestRule to simulate changing the font size on a device/emulator, as it would be done by going to Settings > display > Font size

aurora (

Aurora is a collection of libraries for writing modern, elegant and fast desktop Compose applications.

logcat (

A tiny Kotlin API for cheap logging on top of Android's normal Log class.



link image   Arrow 1.0 is now available (

The general release of Arrow 1.0 has been announced! Arrow is a collection of libraries that complement the Kotlin ecosystem with functional patterns and data types.

Introducing TensorFlow Similarity (

The Tensorflow team has released the first version of TensorFlow Similarity, a python package designed to make it easy and fast to train similarity models using TensorFlow.

Improved Google Play Console user management (

Google announced better user and permission management tools in Play Console to help you handle growth efficiently and with confidence.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   How to Mentally Prepare for Your Tech Interview (

Your mental preparation in tech interviews is critical to your success. This video is a snippet from a TechCareerGrowth session about preparing for interviews at big tech companies.

MVVM vs MVI Case Study (

In this video, Adam McNeilly takes a quick look at the differences between MVVM and MVI architecture for Android development, and discusses the scenarios in which we might prefer one over the other.

How to Become a Successful Freelance Programmer (

In this episode, Donn Felker talks about his new book "Freelance Tactics" and answers all your questions about freelancing, like how to get started and find clients, how to set your hourly rate, if you should use Upwork, and much more.

Arrow with Simon Vergauwen (

The Developer's Bakery ventures into the realm of Functional Programming with Arrow and Simon Vergauwen

Idiomatic Kotlin: Operations with Sets (

Learn about a few useful functions in Kotlin that make set operations really simple.

Migrating from Dagger to Hilt (

Marcelo shares how you can introduce Hilt into an existing codebase that already relies heavily on Dagger.

Answering your top questions on AGDK (

This video answers some top AGDK questions from developers - ranging from AGDK libraries and tools, optimizing memory and debugging crashes in Android, implementing graphics and how to share feedback.

Hilt - Q&A (

Florina Muntenescu is joined by Manuel Vivo, Eric Chang, and Daniel Santiago to answer your Hilt questions!

Introducing Frame Profiling in AGI (

In this episode of the Android Game Dev Show, Dan Galpin introduces Frame Profiling, a new tool within the Android GPU inspector.

Hilt extensions (

Daniel Santiago overviews extensions for Hilt. He explains how to generate code, real-world examples, Hilt Extension Annotations, and more!

10 places you can avoid using mouse (

In this screencast, learn about ten places you can avoid using a mouse in Android Studio for everyday tasks - like scrolling text in your editor pane, showing tool windows, and many more.