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October 10th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

The 5-step guide to become an Android Developer (

Here is Aida Issayeva's 5-step guide to becoming an Android Developer, jam-packed with action items after each step.

link image   Keep your application performant & users happy (

Slow applications frustrate users, which leads to bad reviews, or customers swiping left to the competition. We wrote about the 4 metrics every mobile developer should care about. Learn more. (New users get 1 month free using code ANDROIDWEEKLY).

Testing the Kotlin Native memory model (

Kevin Galligan encourages us to start testing Kotlin/Native's new memory model now before it ships, and shows how to do that.

link image   Get All The Insights You Need To Build Quality Apps (

Is your app slow to launch or load? Are network requests timing out? Are there rendering issues and UI hangs? Get all the insights you need to solve your performance issues with Instabug. Measure and track the quality of your app as perceived by the user. Get started now and ship apps users love.

Results of the Kotlin Multiplatform Survey Q1-Q2 2021 (

Ekaterina Petrova shares an overview of the results from the latest Kotlin Multiplatform Survey.

Jetpack Compose with Robot Testing Pattern (

Marco Cattaneo examines how to integrate the Robot Testing Pattern with Compose semantic testing.

Synchronize RecyclerView with TabLayout (

Ever wondered how to implement a synchronizer between Android’s RecyclerView and TabLayout? Ahmad Hamwi discusses use cases and how to actually implement them.

Android Parcelable in Kotlin Multiplatform (

A Kotlin Multiplatform challenge that Hossein Amini recently faced was creating Parcelable objects in the shared module for the Android platform. In this tutorial, he shows you how to address this challenge.

How to create a truly custom theme in Jetpack Compose (

In this article, Dmytro Shuba shows how to create a truly custom theme that follows our own design system (vs Material Design)

QA testing in the cloud (

In this fifth blog post in which Adrian outlines multiple years’ experience with Android app testing, he details best practices for testing in the cloud.

Apply special effects to images with the CameraX Extensions API (

This post by Charcoal Chen covers how to use the CameraX Extensions API in your app.

Announcing the callback-ktx library (

Sagar Viradiya introduces callback-ktx, an attempt to wrap the potential framework and jetpack callback-based APIs into suspending extension functions.

Modularizing a Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Project (

Aleksander Jaworski shows an example modularization strategy for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile projects and touches on some issues related to modularization and the iOS platform.

Multi-module Lint Rules (

Zarah Dominguez examines what it takes to write Lint rules that have to examines results from numerous modules.

How to use an in-memory database for testing on Ktor (

In this article, Marco Gomiero covers how to set up an in-memory database with H2 for testing on a Ktor project that uses a MySQL database in production.

Folding composables (

Thomas Künneth examines programming Composables that work well on foldable devices.

25 Best Android Libraries You Won’t Want to Miss Out in 2021 (

Michal Bialas is back with a brand new compilation of really inspirational, worthy to check, promising Android projects, libraries, and tools released or heavily refreshed in 2021.

The road to the K2 compiler (

Svetlana Isakova discusses the K2 compiler which aims to speed up the development of new language features, unify all the platforms Kotlin supports, bring performance improvements, and more.

Rx to Coroutines Concepts, Part 2.1: Exceptions (

Bill Phillips covers the fundamentals, shows how structured concurrent control flow is built on top of those fundamentals, and then arrives at some best practice takeaways.

Scoping functions in Kotlin Coroutines (

Marcin Moskała examines Couroutines scoping functions to help improve the execution of your code, especially when it comes to concurrency.

7 things you should know before using Jetpack Compose (

Before you dive into Jetpack Compose, Bloco has compiled a few important things to know.


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Senior Android / Kotlin Developer (Remote)

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Android Engineer (Remote - EU, EEA, Switzerland & UK)

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Libraries & Code

TypedNavigation (

A lightweight library to help you navigate in compose with well typed functions

callback-ktx (

Extension functions over Android's callback-based APIs which allows writing them in a sequential way within coroutines or observe multiple callbacks through kotlin flow.



link image   #AndroidDevSummit: Tune in October 27-28! (

The #AndroidDevSummit is back! Join us October 27-28 to hear about the latest updates in Android development directly from the Android team, and connect with Android developers around the world.

Register now for Firebase Summit 2021 (

Firebase Summit will be returning as a virtual event on November 10th, 2021 at 9:30am PST

Android 12 is live in AOSP! (

Google has pushed the source to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and officially released the latest version of Android.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Theater candy and designing for Android (

Yasmine Evjen sits down with Android GDE Rebecca Franks to talk about becoming a GDE, the role developers play in designing for Android, and more.

10 tips for having a good Git commit and Pull request (

Creating git commits and opening pull requests is the way to contribute to developing a project. In this video, you will learn 10 tips to have a better git commit and pull request.

Sealed Classes, Sequences, Immutability: Idiomatic Kotlin (

We will be simulating, diagnosing, and fixing a small, made-up game console! As usual, a number of Kotlin features will help us achieve that goal, like sealed classes, sequences, and immutability.

Stop Wasting Time In Your Tech Interviews By "Inventing The API" (

Join Rahul Pandey as he talks about time management is essential to succeeding in your interview. One tactic to do this is by "inventing the API" when you're coding.

Introduction to WorkManager implementation (

An overview and walkthrough of the code you will implement in the WorkManager pathway of Android Basics in Kotlin.

The Road to the New Kotlin Compiler (

Svetlana Isakova discusses the K2 compiler which aims to speed up the development of new language features, unify all the platforms Kotlin supports, bring performance improvements, and more.