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November 14th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

Coroutines racing! Why, and how. (

Louis CAD shows how to run multiple related coroutines (i.e. asynchronous operations), and when one completes, cancel/stop the other ones.

The Beginner’s Guide to Kotlin Coroutine Internals (

Sonic Wang discusses what coroutines are, shares an overview of language, library, and scheduling components of Kotlin coroutines, and then deep dives into these components.

link image   100,000+ Mobile App Security Findings with AppSweep (

In the first 45 days, AppSweep, our free, developer-oriented mobile app security testing tool, captured over 100,000 findings across the scanned mobile apps. Three common security issues stood out. Learn more.

Evaluating the impact of different Android UI libraries (

In this article, Chao Zhang attempts to fairly evaluate Compose build times against the existing UI layer technologies, such as Data Binding and View Binding

link image   Forget writing testing scripts, use Waldo. (

Waldo is the first fully no-code mobile testing solution. Now, anyone on your team can create reliable automated tests and help you fix bugs before your users find them Try Waldo now, for free.

Support Modern Emoji (

Emojis are not only great, but also an essential part of our language. Meghan Mehta shows how to give your users the best experience including modern emojis using AppCompat 1.4

ExpandableText in Jetpack Compose (

Alican Tipi shows how to dynamically add a Show More string to a clickable-expanding Text when it exceeds a certain number of lines.

Navigating through multi-module Jetpack Compose applications (

Jetpack Compose, navigation, multi-module architecture, API and Impl modules, dependency injection — in this blog post, Pavlo Stavytskyi shows how these components can be combined into a scalable multi-module architecture.

Jetpack Compose: Tabs with swiping (

A quick post from Bevan Steele shows how to implement swipeable tabs in Jetpack Compose using the Accompanist libraries.

Jetpack Compose Phases (

Like most other UI toolkits, Compose renders a frame through several distinct phases. Read this new guide from the Android team to learn more.

The state of managing state (with Compose) (

Jake Wharton describes an interesting way to manage state in Compose,

Journey with State Management and MVI on Android (

Rebecca Franks and Kamil Ślesiński write about evaluating a few MVI implementations, and how they settled on using the Spotify Mobius Framework, with a dive into the reasons.

link image   Solve ANRs and Boost Google Play Store Ranking (

Discover commonalities among ANRs through Embrace’s unique stack trace flame graph functionality. Instead of trying to solve ANRs individually and with limited data, give your teams comprehensive data on every ANR, including better grouping and prioritization based on true business impact.



Android Developer at elvah (Remote (Germany))

At elvah, we are aiming to make e-mobility better and easier for everyone. So join our development team and help us to build the most convenient charging solution for electric vehicles.

Android Engineer (DC/Remote)

We're looking for an Android Software Engineer to help create the premier Android real estate investor experience. Our Android app is a flagship product for Fundrise so you will have a chance to have a significant and immediate impact on our growing user base and the overall success of our business.

Senior Software Engineer - Android (New York)

Squarespace is looking for a Senior Software Engineer - Android to join our small, collaborative team responsible for the end-to-end development of our Android applications and the long-term vision of Squarespace on mobile devices. You will report to our Engineering Manager in New York City.

Senior Android Architect (remote )

IMG.LY is looking for an experienced Android Architect to own new features and playing a vital role in the whole process. You work on all layers of the SDK and work with customers to understand their needs, and collaborate with our creative and technically adept team of designers and developers.

Android Developer (Markham)

We are seeking android software developer candidates with different levels of experience ranging from junior to senior. Design and develop the world’s best in-vehicle applications for GM Infotainment systems Responsible for the entire software development process of your domain.


Libraries & Code

molecule (

Build a StateFlow stream using Jetpack Compose



link image   On-device training in TensorFlow Lite (

TensorFlow Lite now supports training your models on-device, in addition to running inference. On-device training enables interesting personalization use cases where models can be fine-tuned based on user needs.

Automate your pre-release testing with the App Distribution REST API (

With the Firebase App Distribution REST API, you can build custom logic into your team's tools and services to add and remove testers, upload new app binaries, distribute your releases, update release notes, deleting releases, and more.

What’s new at Firebase Summit 2021 (

Kristen Richards lists all the changes announced at Firebase Summit 2021.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Jetpack Compose vs SwiftUI with Mohit Sarveiya (

Mohit Sarveiya compares managing state, concurrency, testing, and scaffolding with Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI

What goes into a Kotlin Release (

Marina Shishkina describes everything that goes into a successful release of Kotlin

Firebase Summit 2021 (

Catch up on highlights from Firebase Summit 2021

3 ways to get your Kotlin JVM code ready for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile KMM (

Multiplatform Developer Brady Aeillo walks through a few ways to take your existing codebase and get it ready for KMM

droidcon Berlin 2021 (

Check out videos of all the presentations from droidcon Berlin 2021