Issue #496

December 12th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

Adventures in Tracking Upload Progress With OkHttp and Retrofit

This article tells the story of how Márton Braun and his team refined their progress tracking process during file uploads in an SDK.

link image   !hooked: the practical side of mobile app security

Learn more about the practical side of mobile application security in our newest technical magazine, !hooked. Dive into labs that showcase various code-hardening and anti-tampering techniques and experiment with code examples and tools.

Getting Started with Firebase Dynamic Links for Android

Kasem shows how to do a complete implementation of Firebase Dynamic Links in your app.

Testing Android Coroutines using `runTest`

In this post, Craig Russell describes the latest tooling to help test Android Coroutines, provided as part of the kotlinx.coroutines test libraries.

link image   Get All The Insights You Need To Build Quality Apps

Learn about the factors that affect the quality of your app and the costs of releasing a low-quality app. Discover the industry benchmarks you should target, and how you can improve your mobile app quality to meet and exceed them.

A brief look at Android 12L preliminary APIs

In this short post, Thomas Künneth shows you a few interesting changes and features in the latest Android 12L APIs.

Advanced Data Binding in Android

In this advanced data binding tutorial, Rodrigo Guerrero teaches how you can interact directly with the components in your layouts, assign a value and handle events dispatched by the views using binding adapters.

Kotlin Native. New Memory management Model

Anna Zharkova examines the new memory management model for Kotlin/Native coming in 1.6.0.

How to distribute your application with Firebase App Distribution

Juan Guillermo Gómez Torres explains the full workflow for using Firebase Distribution, a free service that allows us to distribute the installer of our applications to groups of testers.

XML Parsing in Lint: Things Are Not What They Seem

Zarah Dominguez shares the solution to the challenge of handling XML in a Lint quick fix implementation.

Aurora 1.0.0

Kirill Grouchnikov announces the very first release of Aurora – a library for building modern, elegant, and fast Compose Desktop applications.

Slotting in with Compose UI

Chris Banes explains the Slot API pattern is used extensively throughout the Compose UI codebase.

Effectively using slots in Jetpack Compose

In this post, Kiran Rao looks at how to use Composable lambdas (also called “slots”) to improve the situation where your composables are deeply nested.

Using Ktor Client MockEngine for Integration and UI Tests

In this article, Aleksander Jaworski shows a sample Android app that illustrates how to use Ktor MockEngine for Integration and UI tests.

Results of the Kotlin Features Survey 2021

Here you'll find the results of the Kotlin features survey and a write-up from Roman Elizarov, Project lead for Kotlin, about the plans for the top-voted features.

Kermit KMP Logging 1.0

Kevin Galligan announces the stable release of the Kotlin Multiplatform logging library Kermit.


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link image   Announcing Google Fonts Knowledge

A new resource to help designers and developers choose and use type with purpose



Software Engineer (Android)

Driver is dedicated to making life-saving driving technology available to everyone. We’re leveraging the power of computer vision and big data analysis to make collision alerts and driver assistance features available on common mobile devices.

Senior Android Developer

You’ll work on all parts of the Android app and make outdoor adventures easily accessible to our users. You’ll develop diverse features for navigation, routing, social interaction and content visualization that will make your work challenging and fun. Ready for your next adventure?

Android Developer

Konrad is looking for Android developers of all experience levels to join our mobile team building native apps for the world’s most exciting companies. Our team of 200+ developers is always looking to solve challenging problems, learn, and have fun!


Libraries & Code

link image   Paper

A minimal notes application in Jetpack Compose with MVVM architecture. Built with components like DataStore, Coroutines, ViewModel, LiveData, Room, Navigation-Compose, Coil, koin etc.



Beta 1 Update for 12L feature drop!

Google has released the first Beta of Android 12L for your testing and feedback as you get your apps ready for the feature drop coming early next year.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Jetpack Compose Basics Workshop

This Workshop by Bhavna Thacker covers basics for building an App UI using Jetpack compose

Modern Android Development features

GDE Mohit Sarveiya, GDE Madona Syomba and GDG Jay Whitsitt discussing Modern Android Development features and how you can utilize them better

Accessibility scanner - Accessibility on Android

Learn how Accessibility Scanner can help you improve your app for all users by suggesting improvements in areas of accessibility.

Advent of Code 2021 in Kotlin, Day 3: Binary Diagnostic

Join Sebastian in wrangling binary numbers in Kotlin to make sure the submarine continues safely on its journey.

Kotlin News November 2021

This episode is dedicated to the Kotlin 1.6 release, new episodes of Talking Kotlin podcast, Compose Multiplatform 1.0, updates of the Kotlin website, betta release of Dokka, the Kotlin public roadmap updates, Advent of Code 2021, 1000th commit form Toshiaki and Kotlin idioms in Collections

Talking Kotlin with Pamela Hill

In this episode, Peter-John Welcome talks to Pamela Hill about all things Kotlin.

Strategies From a Successful Indie App Developer

In this episode, Rob shares strategies and insights on indie app development: how to come up with profitable app ideas, how to rank higher in the app store, avoid bad user ratings, and much more!

Jetpack Compose with Square Workflow talk

Jetpack Compose with Square Workflow talk by Zach Klippenstein