Issue #497

December 19th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

Android Emulators vs Bluetooth Headphones

Matt McKenna shares a tip on how to fix poor audio quality when using Android emulators.

link image   Be part of something new

tru.ID is a new way to build auth using the SIM card – by connecting directly to mobile networks via APIs. We’re looking for developers to help test our connectivity worldwide. You’ll get 1,000 live verifications FREE plus a t-shirt and notebook with our distinctive mascot. Check out the tru.ID Developer Program.

Rx to Coroutines Concepts, Part 4: Cold Flows

In this post, Bill Phillips starts to address the main tool used in Kotlin coroutines to represent asynchronous sequences of data: the Flow.

Android Biometric API primer

Bevan Steele shares the steps to authenticate the user using the AndroidX Biometric Library.

link image   Get All The Insights You Need To Build Quality Apps

Learn about the factors that affect the quality of your app and the costs of releasing a low-quality app. Discover the industry benchmarks you should target, and how you can improve your mobile app quality to meet and exceed them.

Android Code Coverage on Firebase Test Lab - Part 2: Advanced Topics

Aidan Low continues this series of articles on how to generate a code coverage report for Android instrumentation tests running on Firebase Test Lab.

Android App Distribution Tutorial: From Zero to Google Play Store

Arjuna teaches how to generate a release build of your app, create a Google Play Store listing and finally release your app on the Play Store.

MAD Skills Gradle and AGP build APIs Wrap Up!

Wrap-up article on the just completed new MAD skills series on Gradle and Android Gradle plugin build APIs.

Simplifying drag and drop

Paul Lammertsma announces the Jetpack DragAndDrop library as an alpha release to make it easier for you to handle data dropped into your app.

How to create a composable password with Jetpack Compose

Juan Guillermo Gómez Torres shows you how you can create a password text field and password confirmation with Jetpack Compose.

Holiday Book Recommendations for Engineers

Gergely Orosz lists 95 book recommendations, perfect as reading or gifts during the end-of-year break for those working in tech.


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link image   Material Design Award Winners 2021

Learn from three product teams creating great experiences with Material



Software Engineer (Android)

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link image   Rebuilding the guide to app architecture

In response to community demand for up-to-date guidance on app architecture, Google is launching a revamped guide to app architecture. This includes best practices and recommended architecture for building robust, high-quality apps.

Announcing Jetpack Glance Alpha for app widgets

Google is making it even easier to build app widgets by releasing the first alpha of Jetpack Glance, a new framework built on top of the Jetpack Compose runtime designed to make it faster and easier to build app widgets for the home screen and other surfaces.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Building a Static Analyzer for Kotlin

In this episode Hadi and Seb are talking to Margarita Nedzelska from SonarSource about how she and her team built a working static analyzer for Kotlin.

Advent of Code 2021 in Kotlin, Day 4: Giant Squid

In this episode, Anton solves the Day 1 puzzle from Advent of Code 2021

Android Developers Backstage: Kotlin Magic Platform

In this episode, listen to the chat with Yigit Boyar from the Android Toolkit Team about Kotlin multi-platform, while Romain provides light background music on his piano.

Reviewing Google's REVAMPED App Architecture Guide

Adam McNeilly reviews the new and revamped app architecture guides from the Android dev team.

Kotlin Tips: Strings

In this episode Kate Petrova shows 3 tips that will help you work with Strings in Kotlin.