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December 26th, 2021

Articles & Tutorials

Interested in cross-platform development with KMM?

Are you interested in cross-platform development with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile? Check out this thread with helpful content from the community.

link image   Building Custom Message List Items With Compose

Learn how to create your own customized chat experience by tweaking just a single parameter, using Stream's Compose Chat SDK and its MessageList component.

Final Books, Free for Everyone

Mark Murphy, aka CommonsWare, has released his full catalog of books available for download. PDFs, EPUBs, and MOBI/Kindle editions are available for all of the books, and many of the newer ones are also available for direct reading on the site.

Things you should know about Coroutines. #3: Structured Concurrency

Max Kim continues his series on Kotlin Coroutines, looking at the meaning of Structured Concurrency.

link image   Looking for new tech to try in 2022?

tru.ID is a new way to build auth using the SIM card – by connecting directly to mobile networks via APIs. We’re looking for developers to help test our connectivity worldwide. You’ll get 1,000 live verifications FREE plus a t-shirt and notebook with our distinctive mascot. Check out the tru.ID Developer Program.

UI tests vs. snapshot tests on Android

Sergio Sastre Florez shows how to pick the right tool for the job when writing UI tests.

Filtering and modifying text input in Jetpack Compose way

Shreyas Patil shows how using VisualTransformation is the right way in Compose to modify the contents of a TextField.

Hands on Jetpack Compose VisualTransformation

In this article, Julien Salvi covers how he managed to create a reliable phone number formatter for Compose with VisualTransformation.

Introducing Jetpack Compose into an existing project

In this part of the series, Ziv Kesten plans the first screen in Jetpack Compose and shows how we can think differently when building UI with Compose.

Sending One-Shot ViewModel Events to the UI

Michael Ferguson focuses on Google’s new guidance with respect to the communication pattern for one-shot actions between an Android view model and its associated view.


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Lead Android Developer

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Apply at Clipboard Health

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Software Engineer (Android)

Driver is dedicated to making life-saving driving technology available to everyone. We’re leveraging the power of computer vision and big data analysis to make collision alerts and driver assistance features available on common mobile devices.

Senior Android Developer

You’ll work on all parts of the Android app and make outdoor adventures easily accessible to our users. You’ll develop diverse features for navigation, routing, social interaction and content visualization that will make your work challenging and fun. Ready for your next adventure?


Libraries & Code

link image   Restaurants-Compose

An example concept of MVVM and Kotlin. Display, Filter & Sort the given restaurants from assets with Jetpack Compose and AAC.


A customizable and easy-to-use Timeline View library for Android


Snippet is an extensible android library to measure execution times of the code sections in a way that does not compromise with the readability and can be shipped to production without any additional setup.


Supports loading profile images with fractional styles, shapes, borders, indicators, and initials for Android



Introducing kotlinx.coroutines 1.6.0

Following the release of Kotlin 1.6.0, the 1.6.0 version of the kotlinx.coroutines library is out.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   What's new in Kotlin Coroutines 1.6.0

In this episode, Anton Arhipov talks about the highlights of Kotlin Coroutines 1.6.0

Accessibility test framework and Espresso

In this episode, learn how Espresso and the Accessibility Test Framework can help you create automated accessibility tests.

Firebase Release Notes: Crashlytics Kotlin, Firestore App Check & more

Frank van Puffelen discusses better Kotlin support for Crashlytics, easier async event handling with Combine for iOS/Apple, downloading bytes and files from Cloud Storage in your web app securely, and much more!