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January 2nd, 2022

Articles & Tutorials

link image   SplashScreen Compat: consistent splash screens

If you have to have a splash (it isn't required), the new SplashScreen Compat API solves for a consistent look across OS versions. Bevan Steele explains how to use this new API.

Compose Desktop gradients and Skia shaders

Kirill Grouchnikov takes a look at Compose Desktop gradients and Skia shaders.

Bluetooth LE for modern Android Development - Part 3

In this third post, Erik Hellman looks at the APIs for connecting and communicating with BLE peripherals.

link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 66k Android devs

WorkManager multi-process for libraries

Pierre-Yves Ricau describes how Leakcanary leverages WorkManager multi-process.

Swipe to Dismiss — Jetpack Compose

Pankaj Rai demonstrates that implementing swipe to dismiss with Jetpack Compose it’s just a matter of calling a single composable.

Conditionals, An Easier Design Decision But A Poor Choice

If you want to understand why to replace conditionals with polymorphism, how it is beneficial, and how you as a developer can leverage it to write better code then dive in with Abhishek Saxena.

Issues with Kotlin Multiplatform and Xcode

Marco Gomiero describes how to fix the "Unable to locate a Java Runtime" error on Xcode with Kotlin Multiplatform

Building Android Platform Teams

In this article, Mohit Sarveiya shares the purpose of a platform team, the responsibilities, and how to build one. He shares his experiences working on platform teams and the challenges you’ll encounter.



Android Software Engineer

We are Scruff & Jack'd, two of the world's largest LGBTQ+ dating apps on Android. We are hiring experienced Android developers to help us build the next-generation version of Scruff and Jack’d. We're looking to hire experienced engineers from South America, North America, and Europe.

Lead Android Developer

“You do remarkable things and solve tough problems where many others have failed before. Robots and Pencils is looking for Android Developers with 7+ years experience who are driven to be pioneers and leaders. If this is you -- we want to hear from you!”

Software Engineer (Android)

Driver is dedicated to making life-saving driving technology available to everyone. We’re leveraging the power of computer vision and big data analysis to make collision alerts and driver assistance features available on common mobile devices.

Senior Android Developer

You’ll work on all parts of the Android app and make outdoor adventures easily accessible to our users. You’ll develop diverse features for navigation, routing, social interaction and content visualization that will make your work challenging and fun. Ready for your next adventure?


Libraries & Code


An easy to use action/overflow menu for Jetpack Compose


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Writing Amazing Tech Specs!

Onyx Mueller's talk about "Writing Amazing Tech Specs!"

Building IncentiveTimer with Florian Walther

Watch Florian Walther build IncentiveTimer, a gamified Pomodoro app in this playlist.

Hilt Dependency Injection Android Tutorial

Bhavna Thacker covers step by step approach of adding Hilt to your existing Kotlin Android project with MVVM architecture

How to use inline class in Kotlin to achieve type safety?

In this video, you will learn how to use the Kotlin language inline class (a.k.a value class) to achieve a maintainable type-safe API.



Bye 2021, Long Live 2022

Raul Hernandez Lopez's wrap up for the year 2021

2021 dual-screen year in review

Microsoft's wrap-up for all things dual-screen in 2021.

Wrap-up 2021

Márton Braun's wrap-up for 2021

Year in Review (2021)

Dan Lew's wrap-up for 2021

About 2021

Magda Miu wraps up all she worked on in 2021

Kotlin 2021 - Wrapped Up!

In this end-of-the-year special, Sebastian covers the most interesting Kotlin-related developments of 2021!