Issue #500

January 9th, 2022

Articles & Tutorials


Lena Stepanova introduces her series about Kotlin Multiplatform, mobile apps, and pizza.

link image   Key Metrics to Monitor for Your Next App Release

[Join Us Live] Setup, monitor and benchmark key performance metrics for your mobile apps. Instabug experts will share insights on how monitoring Apdex, Crash-free sessions, UI Hangs and other key metrics can enable you to hit your mobile adoption and engagement goals. Register Free.

Manual CoroutineScopes: how to avoid GlobalScope

Bevan Steele makes it a bit clearer how to create and manage your own CoroutineScopes and to avoid GlobalScope whenever possible.

Screen templates — using Compose, SwiftUI & KMM

In this post, Ian Alexander writes about creating application-specific screen templates for Compose & SwiftUI, which cut down the amount of code needed and make apps far more consistent.

link image   Customizing the Compose Chat SDK with ChatTheme

Learn how to customize your app's colors, shapes, and typography using Stream's Compose ChatTheme component.

Detect text overflow in Jetpack Compose

Sinan Kozak shares a way to make a smarter composable when the text doesn't fit on the screen and you need to show some details about the rest.

Tiny things on big screens

What if your app doesn't need all that space running on a large device? This article explores how to deal with too much room.

Automatic screenshot testing for all your Compose @Previews

Android Studio renders composables with @Preview annotations. What if all of them could be automatically turned into screenshot tests? David Vávra shares a neat technique to do just that.

Introducing Jetpack Compose into an existing project

Ziv Kesten examines creating a custom button with Jetpack Compose, including custom animations, and using it in an existing project.

Things you should know about Coroutines. Part 4

Max Kim continues the series on Kotlin Coroutines, taking a closer look at exception handling.

WorkManager multi-process for libraries

Pierre-Yves Ricau reveals how Leakcanary leverages WorkManager multi-process.


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Libraries & Code

link image   Konfetti

New version: 2.0.0 is now released! Jetpack compose support - improved animations and API


Premo is a Kotlin Multiplatform library that helps you implement the Presentation Layer and share it on Android, iOS, Desktop and Web. Focus on writing logic instead of solving common and boring UI related issues.


This repository accompanies a series of blog posts on the process of building an app with Kotlin Multiplatform

Kotlin Multiplatform Wizard

A web-based wizard for creating new Kotlin Multiplatform projects.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome in Tech

What you'll learn from this talk by Rahul Pandey: The impacts of imposter syndrome, seeing it as a growth opportunity, tips on overcoming it, and fostering a friendly environment to help others on your team grow.

Developing & Publishing a Modern Android App

This session by Bhavna Thacker covers various Tools, Technologies, Libraries and App Architecture - recommended by Google for Modern Android Development (MAD) Skills

Kotlin News December 2021

Check out the most interesting developments around Kotlin in December 2021!