Issue #501

January 16th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Alex Zhukovich published a new guide about the complex use cases of using the Preview annotation in Jetpack Compose, like screen orientations, layout directions, locales, font scales, colors, and combining them.
In this post, Jaewoong E. and Márton B. look at the new Material You library available for Jetpack Compose to see how to apply its dynamic colors.
In this post, Segun Famisa shows a quick way we can use Android Studio to make it easier to debug errors using the built-in “stack trace analysis” tool.
Jake Lee shares a solution to a challenging Room database migration.
Cesar examines the recently updated dual-screen and foldable packages – Window Manager, SlidingPaneLayout, Navigation, and Preference.
Mark Murphy examines some of the potential changes coming in Android 13.
In this article, Gustavo Fão Valvassori shows you how to configure the test suite from your KMM project.
Danny Preussler shares a situation where implementing voice actions, things in the documentation might differ a bit from reality.
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Social Mobile builds GMS certified Android devices and the software to go along with those devices. Join us in writing the SDKs, system-level components and apps utilizing Kotlin, Coroutines, Service connections, Reflection, and oftentimes requiring insight into AOSP to figure out the solution.
Our Android Software Engineers are responsible for developing, implementing, and testing of software on Android devices that are part of an interconnected ecosystem connecting cameras, cloud, phones, and people. Min 5 yrs of professional experience (or equivalent) programming w/ Java and/or Kotlin.
You’ll team up with four world-class Android engineers and take over full responsibility for our Android app. You’ll work on all parts of the Android app and make outdoor adventures easily accessible to our users.
We are Scruff & Jack'd, two of the world's largest LGBTQ+ dating apps on Android. We are hiring experienced Android developers to help us build the next-generation version of Scruff and Jack’d. We're looking to hire experienced engineers from South America, North America, and Europe.
Libraries & Code
Beautiful progress bar split into several segments. Highly customizable. Fully written with Jetpack Compose.
A Jetpack Compose library for handling calendar component rendering.
Sample Repository to demo the AndroidX Splash Screen library. Includes a sample for using Lottie animations in a splash screen.
Annotation processing library for type-safe Jetpack Compose navigation with no boilerplate.
XDA Developers brings an exclusive look at some of the features and changes you may see in Android 13 “Tiramisu”, the version of Android likely to be unveiled after Android 12L’s release.
Videos & Podcasts
Adam McNeilly continues his series of live streams, looking at the SQLDelight library from Cash App and how it can be used to manage sqlite databases on Android.
Two Italian coders live-stream their sweary, mostly unsuccessful attempts at coding stuff and learning Jetpack Compose. This week they look into splash screens.
In this episode, Jov Mit continues his series on Test Driven Development, getting back on the right track and recovering from a design mistake from the previous episodes.
The Developers' Bakery podcast starts this new year venturing inside the realm of mobile databases, with Christian Melchior and the Realm Kotlin SDK.
Mayuri Khinvasara Khabya discusses best practices on increasing engagement with Watch Next API on Android TV & Google TV.
Kotlin Build Tools product manager Eugene Rubilov sheds light on Jetbrains' approach to Build Tools. He answers 5 popular questions from the community while covering the present state of Kotlin and some future plans.
Do you use Kotlin Multiplatform in your projects? The Kotlin Multiplatform user survey is now open. Don’t miss this chance to shape the future of the technology! Special prizes will be raffled off after the survey is closed.