Issue #506

February 20th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Bhavna Thacker teaches how to utilize the power of Sealed Classes & Generics to deal with different API responses when using Retrofit.
[Watch Now] Setup, monitor and benchmark key performance metrics for your mobile apps. Instabug experts share insights on how monitoring Apdex, Crash-free sessions, UI Hangs and other key metrics can enable you to hit your mobile adoption and engagement goals.
In this blog post, Simon Vergauwen explores what Context Receivers are, and some benefits and patterns they’ll enable starting in Kotlin 1.6.20.
Arnaud Giuliani shares details about the Koin roadmap for 2022.
140+ pages of insights on building for mobile at scale, sourced from teams at Google, Uber, Amazon, and more. Download a free copy!
Simon Schiller introduces the newly open-sourced Ruler — a tool to measure and analyze the size of your Android apps, built with automation in mind.
Bevan Steele shares some misconceptions about SOLID principles, along with some help to disambiguate each one.
Writing UI tests for pager layouts can be problematic in Compose. In this post, Aleksander Jaworski shares his experience and solutions when dealing with such screens.
Zarah Dominguez continues this series, showing how to handle the suppression of a lint rule.
Mobile app and game developers can use on-device machine learning in their apps to increase user engagement and grow revenue. In this blog post, learn how HalfBrick implemented this functionality and try a codelab to implement it yourself.
Mehdi Yari discusses some of the advantages of the RIB pattern, short for Router, Interactor, and Builder,
Mehdi Yari discusses some of the disadvantages of the RIB pattern, short for Router, Interactor, and Builder,
In this blog, Julius Uy explains two approaches in text rendering and how Android 13 optimizes for it.
In this post, Alexey Bykov discusses how Flow works, the basic principle and its lifecycle, as well as dispatching. This post is addressed those who are taking their first steps trying to understand Flow and those who have years of practice.
Join this webinar to learn how mobile companies can innovate rapidly while delivering incredible user experiences.
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Sarah Daily introduces the newest member of the Roboto superfamily, designed to make reading more comfortable at any size, in any format.
James O'Leary describes how Material used color science to make design easier and more expressive than ever before
Meetup is looking for Senior Android Developers to help build our flagship app, using Kotlin/Java, on our Apps team. Our team is bold, supportive, and passionate about bringing people together in real life to create community for everyone.
GoPro's Android Software Engineers are responsible for developing, implementing, and testing of software on Android devices that are part of an interconnected ecosystem connecting cameras, cloud, phones, and people.
Konrad is looking for Android developers of all experience levels to join our mobile team building native apps for the world’s most exciting companies. Our team of 200+ developers is always looking to solve challenging problems, learn, and have fun!
In this role, you’ll lead the continued development of Google’s Best App of 2021, Balance. We're looking for an experienced Android Engineer who is passionate about building great user experiences, pays meticulous attention to details, and believes in building software that helps its users.
You'll be working on both, PhotoEditor SDK and VideoEditor SDK for Android, including everything from architecture, over encoding, decoding, and rendering, to UI. While always caring deeply about developer experience - after all, we’re doing this for developers just like you.
You’ll work on all parts of the Android app and make outdoor adventures easily accessible to our users. You’ll develop diverse features for navigation, routing, social interaction and content visualization that will make your work challenging and fun.
Engineers in our tribe are true owners of everything they do. You build it - You run it. Do you care about the product you build? Are you able to build amazing Android apps? Do you want to solve high-scale challenges and work in an open, healthy work environment? Apply now.
Libraries & Code
Gradle plugin which helps you analyze the size of your Android apps
A Jetpack Compose utility library to create flipping Composable views with 2 sides.
ViewModel Lifecycle allows you to track and observe Jetpack ViewModel's lifecycle changes
Highlight different features of the app using Jetpack Compose
Google is now setting a deadline for the migration away from the deprecated Kotlin view synthetics: the plugin will be removed in Kotlin 1.8, which is expected to be released by the end of 2022.
Russia’s first four women GDEs share their journey to becoming GDEs and encourage others to join them.
Google has announced the stable release of Material Design Components for Android 1.5.0, with Material Design 3 refinements and more color utilities.
Videos & Podcasts
In this episode, Sebastion and Hadi talk to Goncalo Silva about how Kotlin is used in the company and which parts of the service they share between iOS and Android using Kotlin Multiplatform
In this talk, Mohit Sarveiya shares how to use Square's Molecule library in a multiplatform Compose project.
This episode of the MAD Skills series on DataStore covers two additional concepts, DataStore to DataStore migrations and testing.