Issue #509

March 13th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Florian Benz shows how Kotlin makes working with value objects fun
Embrace is hosting a NCAA tournament bracket pool to celebrate the hardworking people in mobile. It's free to enter with cash prizes of $1000 for first and $500 for second. Join now and put your college basketball winner-picking skills to the test!
Shreyas Patil shows two annotations that can help Compose determine when values change.
David shares some tips and tricks in MockK like testing Private methods with their return value and LiveData changes.
Check out our 'Mobile Application Performance Monitoring Guide' to learn which metrics you should be monitoring for your next app release, how to balance between feature development and performance improvement, and much more!
Rahul Ray foes through a step-by-step example of implementing a download feature in your apps using WorkManager.
Hitesh Chopra shows how to optimize your Jetpack Compose previews with the PreviewParameter annotation.
Glance APIs are not interoperable with Jetpack Compose and also have certain limitations. In this post, Marcel Pintó demystifies some of these limitations and highlight the key points to consider when building AppWidgets with Glance.
This article by Viswanathan Munisamy gives a deep dive into the Firebase Performance Monitoring tool and its impact during an Android application’s cold start.
Learn about Google Play Store’s strategy for adopting Jetpack Compose, how they overcame specific performance challenges, and improved developer productivity and happiness
Mattia Ferigutti teaches how to get started with in-app purchases and implement this library inside your next project
Matthew Dolan explores the issues surrounding WebView support for Certificate Transparency checks.
James Shvarts writes about CompositionLocal, an API in Compose that lets you share values between composables implicitly (without passing them as parameters).
Amr Yousef outlines how he implemented a Redux-inspired state management solution for a recent Kotlin multiplatform project and how it is connected to UI on Android and iOS.
StateFlow doesn't provide the simple transformations that LiveData does, so Matt Robertson how to add these with extension functions.
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Libraries & Code
Metaphor is the library to easily add Material Motion animations
Jetpack Compose color picker library that allows you to get colors from any images like gallery pictures by tapping on the desired color. Also, it supports brightness and alpha slider, which can adjust your ARGB factors
Join Google on April 12 to get the knowledge needed to build high quality Android Apps and scale your business.
To prevent unnecessary uninstalls and help users get more out of their devices, Google started working on a new feature that would enable app archiving.
Videos & Podcasts
In this session, Adam McNeilly looks at building adaptive layouts in Jetpack Compose.
See Zarah Dominguez’s journey as an Android developer. Hear how she was able to find an empowering community of developers from all over the world that share her passion and interest in Android. Find yours today!
Watch #TheAndroidShow hosted by Florina and Huyen. This episode covers: Behind the scenes for Jetpack Compose, Tablets and large screens, Android 13 & other important themes for Android this year.
Nicola Corti welcomes Kodein and Salomon Brys on stage to discuss dependency injection in Kotlin.
Scott is a mid Android Engineer and wanted to know how he could advance his carreer. We discussed about next steps and how to approach them.
In this video, you will learn how to manage all the states of a screen using only one state variable