Issue #511

March 27th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
In this article, Hemdan walks you through an initial approach to multi-module navigation, why it didn’t work, and how a second approach ultimately led to success.
Alex Zhukovich takes a close look at Compose's RadioButton, alternatives to it, and some testing tips.
Join this webinar to learn best practices for optimizing mobile app performance to deliver stellar experiences. Proactively identify slow, broken, frozen, or failing areas and convert them into highly engaging, revenue-driving opportunities. Register now for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch OLED!
In the last entry in this series, Bill Phillips discussed the core Flow API and how to transform one flow into another. But what about hot data sources? Read to find out!
Accessibility is about making sure that Android users who have limited vision or other physical impairments can use your application. Suchi Bansal's article shows all the necessary tools to make sure your app is fully accessible to all.
Petrus Nguyễn Thái Học shows how to implement the race/amb operator for Flow.
Gérard Paligot compares the native declarative UIs provided by iOS & Android.
Lahiru Maramba shows how you can use Firebase App Check to protect your own backend services. The article presents code samples for Python, Go, and Java server environments.
Patryk Kosieradzki examines the advantages and disadvantages of Dagger/Hilt and Koin for Jetpack Compose apps.
Stelios Frantzeskakis shares some RxJava & LiveData patterns that lead to unexpected memory leaks.
kotlin-parcelize is a great tool but sometimes we need to take control of writing and reading to/from the parcel. Leonidas Partsas shows how to do this.
Kristen announces that Microsoft has released the first version of their foldable Test Kit.
It’s nice to cleanly see what permissions you are requesting when you send your app. Sam Edwards shares a simple way to do this.
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Libraries & Code
A Groceries Store app with basic order flow. Built with modern Android development skills.
Generate link previews similar to those in Slack.
Kotlinx Coroutines Flow Extensions. Extensions to the Kotlin Flow library.
Stream Draw is a real-time multiplayer drawing & chat game app built entirely with Jetpack Compose.
Draftsman is an on-device layout inspector for Android apps.
Google announces the first alpha of the new Jetpack Core Performance library. This library enables you to easily understand what a device is capable of, and tailor your user experience accordingly.
Google announces exploring user choice billing in select countries.
Videos & Podcasts
Alex Chiou and Rahul Pandey discuss best practices for code reviews.
In this video, you'll learn about the UI layer and its state. Tunji Dahunsi covers UI state representation, production, and consumption all within the context of a unidirectional data flow app.
MediaSession is the unified way for Android apps to interact with media content. In this session, explore best practices for integrating and validating media sessions.
In this video, learn about Google's effort to help you monitor your app stability: Android vitals on Google Play Console.
In this video, Sebastian demonstrates how you can improve your loops to make your code more readable, understandable, and concise.
In this episode, Nicola Corti chats with some of the maintainers of Detekt and they walk you through some of the features of Detekt, how it integrates with Android & Kotlin Multiplatform projects and much more.
In Mohit Sarveiya's presentation, learn the basics of how to build Android apps using Jetpack Compose.
Google's Dev Library platform encourages Android developers to share their open-source projects/articles to create more with Android and inspire others!