Issue #512

April 3rd, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
If your app designs are created in Figma, read this article by Can Yumusak on how Compose text rendering will soon match those designs exactly.
In the entire history of Android, it has never been easier to manage blocked phone numbers, SIM card data, and custom data for Google Contacts, Pokemon, and RPGs - optimized and complete with beautiful documentation. Over 3+ years in development, Contacts Reborn has reached a colossal milestone!
In this second post, Tracy Stampfli & Bryan Sternwill explore modularization.
In this blog post, Hardik P shows how to implement four different animations with Compose.
Discover Stream's Android v5 update with enhanced offline storage, deeply customizable UI components, JetpackCompose support moved to stable, and many more awesome features!
Rajdeep Singh teaches how to use KDoc to document your Kotlin code and generate beautiful-looking documentation pages using Dokka.
Ryan Harter introduces the Focus Gradle Plugin, which evaluates your project configuration and creates a unique settings.gradle file for the module you want to focus on.
Nearly 4 years after GDPR became law, there are still some myths and misconceptions. Karol Wrótniak attempts to dispel several of these in this article.
Dustin Summers shows how to set up your pipeline for testing UI and Unit Tests.
Kristen writes about a recently added sample – Folding video + trivia – which shows how to synchronize static content with the video on a foldable device.
In this article, Magda Miu covers the tools and a process to thoroughly prepare you for the interviews so you will nail them with confidence, enthusiasm, and less anxiety
Sergio Sastre Florez shares a story of UI/UX and screenshot testing
James Shvarts examines building layouts in Compose using Row and Column composables.
In this blog, Shreyas Patil teaches to use the concept of Semaphore with Kotlin coroutines to limit parallelism.
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Libraries & Code
A Gradle plugin that helps you speed up builds by excluding unnecessary modules.
A MaterialChipSetWidget is used to hold multiple chipsets and each chipset has multiple values.
Multi roots TreeView implementation for Android Platform with a lot of options and customization
CameraX has launched several features recently and with Android 12 launch, Camera 2 has a number of features now available.
To increase a widget’s awareness, Google experimented with a notification campaign that ended up increasing widget DAUs by 10x. Read on for more on how they accomplished this.
Join to celebrate International Women’s Day NYC 2022 on April 5 - virtually and in person! International Women’s Day (IWD) occurs on March 8th every year. It marks a moment to celebrate and provide visibility for the incredible contributions of women around the world and is a call to action for accelerating gender parity.
Videos & Podcasts
This talk by Nick Rout covers different approaches to custom design systems — extending MaterialTheme, replacing one or more Material systems, and implementing a fully-custom design system.
Ian discusses the most common issues implementing accessibility on Android TV, the solution to these issues, and some more complex scenarios.
In this episode of Kotlin Tips, Sebastian shows how to add some more logic, for example, logging, to the right part of the Elvis operator.
In this video, as part one of a two-part video, learn CI with a quick demo of how to set up and configure GitHub Actions for your Android repository.
In this video, you'll learn how to drag object in Jetpack compose using Modifier pointerInput with detectDragGestures.
Bhavna Thacker covers building a simple single-screen Jetpack Compose app for beginners.
A presentation on the Challenges of building Kotlin Multiplatform Libraries by Mohit Sarveiya
Learn more about Maryam Alhutayfi, Android GDE