Issue #514

April 17th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Aleksander Jaworski shares his experience making a Kotlin Multiplatform app from an Android-only codebase.
Privado CLI tool scans your app's code & automatically identifies the data types it collects & the data types you share with SDKs. The tool uses this data to automatically generate a data safety report that you can import directly to your Play Store console. Learn more about our free tool here.
In this article, Alex Zhukovich explores the possibilities of the "Compose UI Test" framework in terms of testing animations, and more.
Benoît Quenaudon shows how a BOM is used for a Platform dependency, Gradle will make sure that the project will depend on the same version for all modules of the same library.
Discover key metrics to monitor such as launch times and crash-free sessions to ensure customer retention and happiness.
Stephen Vinouze shares a technique that bridges between Composable and View’s lifecycles.
In this article, Marcin Moskała helps you gain a deeper understanding of how Kotlin Flows work.
Stacy Devino demonstrates an Android phone's Developer Options in a practical sense for practical devs that actually shows & explains the options.
Kasem SM shows how to build an animated placeholder for your text view in Compose.
How Sanskar Agrawal implemented daily reminders to log expenses in his app, first using FCM and then WorkManager.
Version catalog is an effective way to manage our dependencies when we have multiple modules. Hardik P shows how to use them
Recomposition is fundamental to how Compose operates. Vinay Gaba shares a couple of ways to debug recomposition to make sure your app is working optimally.
This blog post by Manuel Vivo tells the story of how the team migrated Architecture Blueprints to Jetpack Compose
Chris Banes explores the new metrics in Compose 1.2.0 to peek behind the curtains and see where any potential performance issues are.
Sam Edwards demonstrates compatibility between Gradle Convention Plugin and whatever version of Kotlin you're using to compile your Gradle scripts.
Join this webinar for a deep dive into how the Android framework monitors, processes, and triggers ANRs. You'll also learn what data is collected for each type of ANR and a few different approaches for detecting ANRs in production.
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Fabulous is looking for a Senior Android Developer who wants to see their code used by millions of people around the world.
Do you want to add value and make a long-lasting impact on our users’ digital guitar learning journey? If you have 5+ years of experience in Android development and Kotlin is your instrument of choice, then check out our opening to join our interdisciplinary product team!
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Libraries & Code
A custom bar chart that shows a tooltip when the user clicks on the bar.
Fragula is a swipe-to-dismiss extension for navigation component library for Android
Android Studio's Vector Drawable conversion tool in convenient packaging
In this webinar, Google will walk you through key reminders, dive deep into Store Listing and Promotions policy, and share helpful resources for a better app publishing experience on Google Play.
Videos & Podcasts
Learn about Shaders, how to use them with Compose, how to playground and debug them as Kirill Grouchnikov joins your favorite two Italian coders.
Bhavna Thacker covers Top 5 Libraries for Modern Android Development
Kotlin 1.6.20 comes with a new toy: Context Receivers. They elegantly constrain functions to a specific context. Sebastian helps you figure out what exactly that means.
In this episode, Donn sits down and talks to Ephraim Schmitt about how he changed careers from being an exotic car salesman to a mobile software developer.
All the sessions from the Android App Excellence Summit from April 12th, 2022.
Kotlin 1.6.20 has officially been released and Anton Arhipov checks out what's new.