Issue #515

April 24th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Jade Byfield examines the pros and cons of StateFlow and LiveData, depending on the needs of the app development team and what their goals are.
Discover Stream's Android v5 update with enhanced offline storage, deeply customizable UI components, JetpackCompose support moved to stable, and many more awesome features!
Dave Leeds' introduction to Kotlin List and Set collections.
Tomáš Mlynarič takes a look at how the Jetpack Macrobenchmark library helps you understand your app’s performance and how you can improve your app’s startup time by up to 30%.
Privado CLI tool scans your app's code & automatically identifies the data types it collects & the data types you share with SDKs. The tool uses this data to automatically generate a data safety report that you can import directly to your Play Store console. Learn more about our free tool here.
In Part 3 of this Android Touch System series, Sherry Yuan covers the main event listeners provided by the View class, as well as standalone gesture detector classes.
Guilherme Delgado guides you through the steps needed to upgrade an MVI solution to the Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) universe.
Jaewoong Eum covers how to model Retrofit responses with Coroutines and Sealed classes to reduce code complexity and make your application architecture consistent.
The Twitter engineering team turned to Jetpack Compose to kick-start a much needed overhaul of the app’s UI foundation. With Compose, developers can easily find and use the right APIs, fluidly style and modularize components, and ultimately build more with less code.
In this article, Jose Alcérreca teaches how to use the waitUntil test API in Compose to wait for certain conditions to be met.
When it comes to software architecture, there's no truly a single universal way of doing things. Bevan Steele shares a thought on the view layer in Android.
Louis Prud'homme explores new ways of organizing code in new projects and provides insight to remedy issues on existing ones.
It's time to really understand ANRs. Join this webinar for a deep dive into the Android framework itself, including how it triggers ANRs, what data it collects about them, and an overview on the different approaches for detecting ANRs in production.
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Fine-tune weight, fill, optical size, and grade with the variable icon font, available on Google Fonts
Konrad is looking for Android developers of all experience levels to join our mobile team building native apps for the world’s most exciting companies. Our team of 200+ developers is always looking to solve challenging problems, learn, and have fun!
We are looking for a talented Android Software Engineer to join our team of 10 Android engineers. Doximity is based in San Francisco, CA, but our entire Android team is remote! We embrace remote work life, using industry standard tools to collaborate.
Fabulous is looking for a Senior Android Developer who wants to see their code used by millions of people around the world.
With tens of millions of active users and hundreds of thousands daily downloads, we’re one of Europe’s leading app developers. We’re looking for talented and passionate native Android developers eager to help us make the best apps on the Play Store and contribute to improving our technology stack.
Scruff & Jack'd, two of the world's largest LGBTQ+ dating apps on Android, are looking for Senior Android Software Engineers to help build experimental features that will shape the next generation of their products and advance the online dating app industry.
Libraries & Code
An article sharing platform where you can personalize, subscribe to your favorite topics, get daily-read reminders, explore new authors, and share your articles. App built using Kotlin, Dagger Hilt, Room Database, Coroutines, Flow, AndroidX Glance, WorkManager, Coil etc.
HTTP client / Kotlin Symbol Processor for Kotlin Multiplatform (Js, Jvm, Android, Native, iOS) using KSP and Ktor clients inspired by Retrofit
KMM sample project acting as a playground to illustrate what's discussed in several articles.
A demo todo/notes app which demonstrates the use of MVVM architecture, Navigation Component Library, Room Database, LiveData, Coroutines
Videos & Podcasts
Mohsen Mirhoseini explains CD using a sample app and quickly demo how to set up and configure the Firebase App Distribution and GitHub Actions workflow for your Android repository.
In this video, you'll learn how to do screenshot testing in Jetpack compose
You can override operators for your classes and supply your own logic. But what if you want to allow null values, both on their left and right sides?
The coding Italians work on the persistence layer, exploring Room.
Garima Jain shares a tip about creating separate data models based on various Architecture layers in your project.