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May 1st, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Bevan Steele gives a quick primer on the sealed classes feature of Kotlin.
Privado CLI tool scans your app's code & automatically identifies the data types it collects & the data types you share with SDKs. The tool uses this data to automatically generate a data safety report that you can import directly to your Play Store console. Learn more about our free tool here.
WorkManager is great to schedule background work on Android. However, since scheduled work lives outside of the app lifecycle, you might run into unexpected crashes. Jeroen Mols shows why and how to prevent this.
JD Porterfield shares some Gradle techniques for increasing project safety and preventing tooling attacks.
Unlock a better mobile release process today! Runway connects all of your existing tools (GitHub, Play Console, etc.) to streamline and automate everything from kickoff, to submission, to release, with a hands-free customizable staged rollout. Get started with Runway for free today!
Kashif Mehmood shows how to build and distribute apps with different flavors using Fastlane and Github actions.
In this article, Hitesh Chopra discusses the role of Server-Sent Events(SSEs), different communication mechanisms, and finally how we can implement SSEs in our Android app.
It’s quite common that we need to start working on a feature before the backend is ready. Roman Kamyshnikov shares a technique for creating mocks of API calls.
Rygel Lou shows how user actions should take an important place in UDF implementation, and keep your Composables relatively simple.
Ivan Kušt teaches how to use layout expressions for data binding in Android and make your code more concise and less error-prone.
A quick wrap-up of all the things covered in each episode of the MAD Skills series on Architecture.
Mark Murphy takes a look at Android 13 Beta 1 and the API differences.
James Shvarts shares a way to build reusable, composable dialog using Generics.
Maia Grotepass shares her sketch notes all about the topic of Kotlin Flows.
Marina Coelho builds an application from scratch using Jetpack Compose and some other tools offered by Google, like Firebase Authentication, Crashlytics, Cloud Firestore and Hilt.
Sid Patil explores the changes introduced with Monet to understand how dynamic theming works under the hood and fuels the new Material You design.
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Konrad is looking for Android developers of all experience levels to join our mobile team building native apps for the world’s most exciting companies. Our team of 200+ developers is always looking to solve challenging problems, learn, and have fun!
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Fabulous is looking for a Senior Android Developer who wants to see their code used by millions of people around the world.
With tens of millions of active users and hundreds of thousands daily downloads, we’re one of Europe’s leading app developers. We’re looking for talented and passionate native Android developers eager to help us make the best apps on the Play Store and contribute to improving our technology stack.
Google has released the first developer preview for the Privacy Sandbox on Android, which provides an early look at the SDK Runtime and Topics API.
Google has released the first Beta of Android 13
Videos & Podcasts
Bhavna Thacker discusses Jetpack DataStore, Google’s recommended solution to persist small datasets for which you would have used SharedPreferences earlier.
In this first episode of the new Google Play Coffee breaks series, Nimrod Kimhi from Jimjum Studios sat down with Leo Olebe from Google Play, to discuss their experience in launching and growing an indie game.
The live Q&A for the Architecture series on MAD Skills, hosted by Manuel Vivo, and joined by Yigit Boyar, TJ Dahunsi, and Miłosz Moczkowski.
This talk introduces and explains the learnings from building a brand new library - Andromeda - an open-source design system with custom components and a customizable theme.
Marwa Mabrouk discusses why CameraX is important and new functionality in v1.1, including the highly requested VideoCapture API.
Frank van Puffelen discusses improved cached data performance for Firestore, a new data viewer for Realtime Database, Firebase at Google I/O 2022, and much more!