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May 8th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
In this blog post, James Shvarts goes over an example of using MotionLayout in Jetpack Compose by animating several widgets in relation to each other.
Discover Stream's Android v5 update with enhanced offline storage, deeply customizable UI components, JetpackCompose support moved to stable, and many more awesome features!
Dave Leeds' intro to everything about Kotlin Maps.
Gabor Varadi considers a different way to implement your MVI reactive state management.
Privado CLI tool scans your app's code & automatically identifies the data types it collects & the data types you share with SDKs. The tool uses this data to automatically generate a data safety report that you can import directly to your Play Store console. Learn more about our free tool here.
You probably have Bluetooth devices around your house, so Grzegorz Matyszczak thought why not leverage them to sense what room you're in with this Android implementation.
Vinay Gaba shares an Android Studio configuration that can help save you a lot of time in the long run when writing Compose code.
Florent Blot illustrates a simple way to deal with local and remote data using Kotlin Flows.
Pankaj Rai describes how the upcoming Compose 1.2.0 will support downloadable fonts, similar to what's already available for Android Views.
In this article, Kashif Mehmood automates a tedious workflow using Fastlane to build and share apks/aabs to Firebase App Distribution.
Jesse Wilson considers defining an event listener to make your systems observable. It’s a lot of power in a simple pattern.
Bianca Miron dives into how to enhance accessibility for View-based layouts, especially on dual-screen devices.
Zach Klippenstein writes daily about the work he's doing for the Compose team's internal hack week, where he's expanding Compose’s text editing APIs to be more flexible.
Google has released a new Kotlin coroutines testing guide. In this guide, you'll learn how to use the testing APIs new in kotlinx.coroutines.test 1.6, as well as the best practices you'll need to test your Android code.
Aleksey Mikhailov shares a simple example of how you can build a ViewModel from common code and use with Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI
ANRs happen for way more reasons than just blocking the main thread for 5 seconds. Join this webinar for a deep dive into the Android internals for ANRs, including how they are monitored, processed, and triggered. You'll also learn about different approaches to detecting ANRs in production.
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Google’s most popular font gets customizable with the launch of Roboto Flex
Konrad is looking for Android developers of all experience levels to join our mobile team building native apps for the world’s most exciting companies. Our team of 200+ developers is always looking to solve challenging problems, learn, and have fun!
We are looking for a talented Android Software Engineer to join our team of 10 Android engineers. Doximity is based in San Francisco, CA, but our entire Android team is remote! We embrace remote work life, using industry standard tools to collaborate.
Fabulous is looking for a Senior Android Developer who wants to see their code used by millions of people around the world.
Libraries & Code
Compose computer graphics playground
A lightweight dropdown popup spinner, fully customizable with an arrow and animations for Android.
Google has released the first two units of Android Basics with Compose
Matthew Mossman, Android engineer for eBay, shares how he and his team optimized the eBay app for large screens and discusses the impact they saw in their customer’s engagement and experience on the tablets
The first preview of the 1.7.0 release is out. Introducing Kotlin 1.7.0-Beta!
Videos & Podcasts
Sebastian shows how with destructuring declarations in Kotlin, you can create multiple variables from a single object, all at once.
Bhavna Thacker covers Top 5 Android Developer Interview Tips that helps a developer to prepare and shine in an Interview.
Nicola Corti is back to talking about Monitoring, Profiling and Instrumentation with folks from the Sentry SDK.
In this episode hear from Jon and Andrew of the Play team about the Play Store app.
Philipp Lackner covers the core concepts of Android Gradle. That includes different build types (debug, release, etc.), product flavors and their use, build variants, and how to make use of different source sets.
Playlist of all the latest new presentations released in April!