Issue #519

May 22nd, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
James Shvarts shares some examples from the official API Guidelines for Jetpack Compose First, he takes a look at composable return types in this post.
Runway is a first-of-its-kind platform that serves as mission control for your mobile development team. Runway integrates with all of your tools, enabling end-to-end automation and seamless coordination across your team. Get rid of spreadsheets and manual check-ins and get started with Runway for free today!
In this tutorial, Ishan Khanna teaches how to create a custom progress bar with Jetpack Compose Canvas API.
Google I/O 2022 was full of exciting announcements. Read Emmanuel Okiche's recap to discover the top 5 changes and updates that every Android developer should know!
Stream's source code and solutions at your fingertips. Explore Stream's fully customizable components, UI Kits, and powerful performance.
Arnaud Giuliani continues to dig into Koin 3.2, with another great feature from this new release: module includes.
Tadeas explains some developer experience improvements for Swift and KMP with the Xcode Kotlin CLI.
Harun Wangereka teaches how to use the amazing features that come with the new Material Design 3 to create better-looking apps with a more personal feel.
This article by Takeshi Hagikura focuses on jank caused by applications, and the tools Android Studio offers to spot and fix them.
Rebecca Franks writes about using Animatable to achieve Custom Canvas Animations
Jorge Castillo shares an overview on how to create a client library for the Compose compiler and runtime.
Google Fonts offers access to over 1000 open-source font families and in this post, Joe Birch takes a look at how we can take 5 steps to access these fonts on-the-fly using Jetpack Compose.
Bevan Steele shares some thoughts on why building software takes time.
Reduce time and cost invested in UI test automation by forwarding it to non-devs. With Repeato you can create tests in minutes, no code required. Finally QAs can test even more in less time; and developers do what they do best: building great apps. Sign up for the free version of Repeato now.
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Libraries & Code
An experimental UI toolkit for creating PowerPoint presentations using Compose.
A testing API inspired by Google Truth but rewritten in Kotlin from the ground up, so it can be used in Kotlin multiplatform projects.
Videos & Podcasts
In this session, Adam McNeilly has a discussion about multi-module structure and use cases in an Android application.
Learn how to preserve the state of lazy list while navigating between two composable in Jetpack compose
In this talk, Mohit Sarveiya will share how to use Workflow library (from Square) for building Android and iOS apps.
In this week's special episode Philipp Lackner cover many amazing new changes to the Android ecosystem from Google I/O.
Code with the Italians talk foldables, tablets, desktops with friend Pietro Maggi, from Google.
In this episode of Kotlin Tips, Sebastian shows you a simple Kotlin trick to call exactly the function that you need, using the power of fully qualified names!
From Extension Events to exciting new Flutter integrations and more, learn all the latest about Firebase in 2022 so far.
Artur Badretdinov and Etienne Caron look at Model View Update (MVU) and Model View Intent (MVI) architectures.