Issue #520

May 29th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Maia Grotepass builds three retro animated cursor-inspired animations in Jetpack Compose.
Observability platforms are not built for mobile. Delivering optimal user experiences requires understanding endless combinations of user actions, devices, connectivity, third-party SDKs, location variables, and more. Join this webinar and find out how to win in mobile.
Marcin Moskała presents several important use cases and reflections on good style when using Kotlin Coroutines.
This post by Enrique López-Mañas aims to provide the drawbacks of currently applying KMP on production from the iOS side.
Suraj Sau shows how he implemented a stunning parallax effect in Jetpack Compose.
Over time, it becomes challenging to maintain dependencies in the best way possible and have them available to all the modules in the project. Saurabh Pant shares a couple of strategies to simplify this.
Eugene Petrenko shows how to reuse code between build.gradle.kts files.
In this post, Mukesh Solanki builds a small clone of the classic snake game using Jetpack Compose.
Jemma Slater shows how to implement splash screens in new and existing Android apps, using the SplashScreen API introduced in Android 12.
In this blog post, take a deeper look at what the Play Integrity API nonce is, how it works, and how it can be used to further protect your app.
Google shares some tips on approaching dynamic color at scale for the Chrome Android app. Here’s what they suggest if you are considering adopting it in your app.
This post by James Shvarts summarizes several ways to build lazy grid layouts.
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We are looking for passionate, mission-driven engineers who take pride in the products they build. As a mobile engineer, you'll work along side other engineers, product designers, operation experts and clinicians to build patient-facing features in the Circle Medical Android app.
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Libraries & Code
A Kotlin multiplatform library for building dynamic server-driven UI
CLI utility to convert Jetpack Compose compiler metrics and reports to beautified HTML page.
Videos & Podcasts
This talk by Daniele Campogiani & Claudio Paccone explores an alternative approach using Kotlin sealed classes to model errors more explicitly and how some combinators, like map and flatmap, could help us cover all the cases.
In this video, you will learn how to take advantage of manual workflows and Input types to reduce your Android app/library GitHub Actions time and costs.
Material 3 is the new standard for Android UIs. In this video, Philipp Lackner teaches what you need to know to start using it in your own app.
Catch up on the top 3 announcements from Google I/O '22 about Modern Android Development.
Sebastian shows how functions like `repeat`, `map`, and `filter` accept suspending functions in their lambdas, even though their signatures aren’t coroutines-aware!
The coding Italians sit down with Chris Sinco to discuss the latest and greatest coming in Android Studio Electric Eel.