Issue #524

June 26th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
James Shvarts goes over the details of a simple app built in Compose and Kotlin Flow.
Privado CLI tool scans your app's code & automatically identifies the data types it collects & the data types you share with SDKs. The tool uses this data to automatically generate a data safety report that you can import directly to your Play Store console. Learn more about our free tool here.
Jonny Caley writes about how you can enable the configuration cache and capture build data utilizing Gradle BuildServices and their internal APIs
Crash reporting, error monitoring, and APM do not provide complete visibility into the health of your mobile applications. Join this webinar to learn about the 10 fundamental pieces of successful mobile-first visibility. Spot where you have costly gaps and how you can fix them to ship better apps!
Dan Meng defines multiple back stack navigation and examines several ways to implement it.
Vaios Tsitsonis builds a complex layout that auto-selects the right tab while scrolling a list.
Vinay Gaba digs into the issue documentation page to see all the rules that the Jetpack Compose libraries ship by default.
Using Live Templates is a productivity booster since they will automate a lot of boilerplate code for you. Mike Wolfson shares several examples.
Shreyas Patil builds a utility to help combine multiple StateFlows into another transformed StateFlow.
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Circle Medical is a venture-backed Y-Combinator healthcare startup. As we enter the hypergrowth phase, we are looking for team players who are eager to help us take on some of the biggest challenges in healthcare so that people can live longer and healthier lives. Do you believe in the mission?
MEGA is looking for a Senior Android Engineer with a deep understanding of the SOLID principles, unit testing, and refactoring, to join our global team.
Libraries & Code
Fragula is a swipe-to-dismiss extension for navigation component library for Android, with support for Jetpack Compose.
A simple gradle plugin that lets you create a download asset from Zeplin and convert them to vector drawables automatically. Uses 100% Kotlin.
Starting with Kotlin 1.7.0, you can create build reports for Kotlin compiler tasks
Google is making Play work better for everyone, making it easier for you to grow apps and games business, and helping you better serve everyone, everywhere.
CTS-D is a new Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) module that is powered by app developers with a focus on pain points that they are seeing in the field.
Videos & Podcasts
Jetpack Compose is covered in this FAQ session
Dependency injection is a core concept of software development. In this video, Philipp Lackner shows you how you can apply DI in an Android app using Dagger-Hilt.
Ivan Morgillo, Sebastiano Poggi, and special guest Mark Allison discuss Bezier curves and SVGs.
In this video, Marina discusses how Firebase projects and applications work with the best practice recommended by the Firebase team.
Lukas Lechner shares 6 of the most important Best practices when using Kotlin Coroutines in your Android Applications
RFCs - requests for comment - or Design Docs are a common tool that engineering teams use to build software faster. Gergely Orosz shares a couple of examples from several well-known companies.
Dan Lew ponders what it means to "maintain software correctness."