Issue #525

July 3rd, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Harsh Shandilya shares a workaround for getting Paparazzi UI tests to work with KMP projects.
If you struggle to answer key performance, stability, and health questions about your mobile app, then you have a mobile data problem. Join this webinar to learn how mobile-first visibility can accelerate your feature velocity and significantly reduce your issue remediation timelines.
Some APIs want you to specify @OptIn() annotation in order to use them. Vincent Tsen shows how to add an opt-in compiler argument in your build.gradle file.
Marco Gomiero continues updating his Kotlin Multiplatform app by making changes to Use Cases that work cleanly on both iOS & Android.
Accelerate your transition to Apple Silicon through our fully virtualized, scalable M1 compute options, and build and test faster than ever.
Mustafa Yiğit wrote a very flexible and manageable rule-based validation library for all inputs. Here he explains how it's built and how to use it.
David Vávra shows how to integrate Showkase and Paparazzi libraries to create screenshot tests for all your Compose @Preview-annotated methods, including dark mode & 1.5 font scale.
Boost your chance of landing a dream job by learning what a coding mock interview is, how to prepare, where to find questions and how to evaluate yourself in this article by Lea Marolt Sonnenschein.
Ben Trengrove takes a look at what Compose stability actually means, how to debug it and if you even should worry about it.
Rebecca Franks teaches how to use AnimatedContent for more custom transitions between different types of content.
Alex Zhukovich explores different test rules which allow us to test Jetpack Compose code and how can we get access to string resources in test cases.
James Shvarts provides a foundational overview of Compose Animation APIs to help you choose most suitable API depending on your animation needs.
Marton Braun writes about migrating to the new Kotlin coroutines 1.6 test APIs from the old ones.
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Libraries & Code
Jetpack Compose animation library that allows you to implement animations such as shared element transition.
Notify type based validation for input fields.
Know about real-time state of a Android app Permissions with Kotlin Flow APIs
Starting now, the various Jetpack Compose libraries will move to independent versioning schemes, allowing library sub-groups to follow their own release cycles.
JetBrains introduces Kotlin DataFrame – a modern, typesafe, idiomatic library for working with flat or hierarchical data frames, seamlessly interoperable with Kotlin collections and data structures.
The Kotlin К2 compiler has made it to Alpha on JVM and JetBrains is sharing benchmarks that show a 2x performance boost on internal projects.
Videos & Podcasts
Ivan Morgillo and Sebastiano Poggi hang out with Mark Allison to discuss animating vector drawables on Android.
Dive into the new things that Android 13 brings us with Nav Singh
Nicola Corti chats with Gabriel Peal, maintainer of Lottie Android, to talk about this project.
In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk to John Rodriguez about the Paparazzi library which allows you to perform UI screenshot testing on Android without emulators or physical devices.
Hadi & Seb chat with Raul, Simon, and Alejandro to learn how Arrow adds functional paradigms and safety to Kotlin, and how it aims to influence the future of the language.
To make sure only you can access your app's API keys, you need to follow some guidelines. In this video, Philipp Lackner shows you what these are.