Issue #527

July 17th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Saket Narayan shares how he implemented animated squiggly underlines in text.
Do you know where your app is running faster or slower over time? Can you spot when users get frustrated and abandon your Android app? If not, you have a mobile data problem. Join this webinar and learn how true mobile-first visibility can supercharge your mobile app.
Simone Arpe writes about how he implemented a Product Hunt client using Jetpack Compose and Kotlin Flows.
Unlock enterprise-grade features, functions, and UI components completely free for your startup or side project with the Maker Account from Stream.
In this article, Rahul Ray shares an implementation of navigation across multiple feature modules.
Andrey Uskov writes about how Kotlin 1.7.0 reworked incremental compilation for project changes in cross-module dependencies.
Heba Mekawi shows a Compose method of scrolling to section tabs while vertically scrolling a list.
Lena Stepanova writes about the lifecycle of a composable function and also how to use recomposition to build reactive composables.
Ahmed Tikiwa highlights his experience with the GDE mentoring program, how it helped him become a GDE, and how you can be one too.
Aleksander Jaworski considers keeping Kotlin Multiplatform tests clean while using the standard kotlin.test framework.
In this article by Joe Birch, he teaches about what semantics are, leaving the how to the following articles in this series.
This is the story of how Louis CAD came to draw a chessboard pattern in VectorDrawable format using Kotlin code, and how he ended up with a file 5x smaller than initially.
After building a custom Composable in the first part, Alex takes a look at how to handle touch interaction in this second part.
Runway connects with all your existing tools (think GitHub, CI, Play Console, etc.) to automate kickoff, submit, and release — and even a hands-free, customizable staged rollout — so you can avoid the usual cat-herding and focus on real work.
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Libraries & Code
Retrofit adapters for modeling network responses with Kotlin Result, Jetpack Paging3, and Arrow Either
Product Hunt Android app using Jetpack Compose
As Google puts the finishing touches on the next version of Android, they’re bringing you Beta 4, a final update for your testing and development. Now is the time to make sure your apps are ready!
Share your opinions about Kotlin itself, IDEs, libraries, build tools, and subsystems
The Gradle team is excited to announce Gradle 7.5
Videos & Podcasts
Kotlin's coroutines, we have an amazing framework to perform async operations. Philipp Lackner clarifies what you need to know about cancellation and exception handling.
James Hamilton is on with Nicola Corti to talk about how ProGuard works internally and why you should never forget to enable it in your builds.
Melissa created BringFido, an app to help people around the world find places to visit, stay or eat with their pets.
Two Italian coders live-stream their attempts at coding stuff and learning Jetpack Compose, with guest Rebecca Franks.
Show the world that you are an Android developer and stick those Android development stickers anywhere possible! Printed and cut with love by Martin, the co-founder of the Android weekly newsletter.
KotlinConf is making a glorious comeback! It will take place in Amsterdam on April 12–14, 2023