Issue #528

July 24th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Ataul Munim takes a brief look at unique UI surfaces on Wear OS, create the emulator and explore it from a user perspective, then wrap up.
Accelerate your transition to Apple Silicon through our fully virtualized, scalable M1 compute options, and build and test faster than ever.
Chris Arriola describes how the latest Compose UI and RecyclerView libraries have optimized mixing Compose into your RecyclerView implementation.
Justyna Politanska-Pyszko writes about the Road to GDE program, geared toward developers from historically underrepresented groups in tech, supports participants on their path to becoming GDEs.
Mobile teams cannot afford gaps that slow them down. Whether it is monitoring new releases, addressing outages, or optimizing key features to boost engagement and revenue, you want data that answers questions and eliminates guesswork. Join this webinar and see what that looks like with Embrace.
In this article, Divyansh Saraswat teaches about WorkManager best practices including performant component initialization with the App Startup library.
Aleksandar Zekovic describes how to deserialize polymorphic JSON objects with Moshi & Retrofit.
Harshith Shetty looks at the processes he used to keep development velocity high on a widely used Kotlin Multiplatform project.
Jaewoong Eum examines the open-source Now in Android project and writes about the overall app architecture and tech stacks used in this project.
Arkadiusz Chmura shows how you can change the status bar and navigation bar colors using Compose, without having to modify any XML files.
Zsolt Kocsi announces the public release of Appyx, an Android application framework that gives you lightweight, quick prototyping — including your business logic, not just your UI @Composables!
Jorge Castillo shares a tip for tracking compositions in Jetpack Compose.
Massimo Carli writes about Mobius, a functional reactive framework for managing state evolution and side effects and shows how to connect it to your Android UIs.
This article by Alex Styl covers the basics of Jetpack Compose from an Android View background in order to speed up your learning of Compose.
Roberto Orgiu teaches how to get started with large screen support and why it is so important: accurately handling orientation changes, aspect ratios, and more.
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Libraries & Code
Kotlin multiplatform chess backend
Kevlar is a security toolkit (library) for Android apps. It is divided in 3 packages (antipiracy, rooting and integrity), each containing specific tooling and components.
Lightweight Android app framework for Jetpack Compose with quick prototyping and navigation engines
Dose is a work-in-progress Android app that reminds you medications exactly when your body needs them, building entirely using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose with MVVM + Clean Architecture
Alex Styl's website for checking on the latest Compose versions.
Videos & Podcasts
Two Italian coders live-stream their attempts at coding stuff and learning Jetpack Compose! In this session, Alex Vanyo teaches helps them understand insets.
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