Issue #529

July 31st, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Balazs Toth examines how snapshot testing solves regression testing by automatically comparing the previous and the new build.
Basic monitoring solutions can only take you so far before they become a liability. In mobile, you need to move fast, instantly spot regressions, and shore up performance gaps before users leave for good. Join this webinar and learn what true mobile-first visibility can do for your team.
Carlo Alberto Pozzoli takes an in-depth look at an information leak in Kotlin assertions.
Tunji Dahunsi has been experimenting with a visual and interactive website that explains unidirectional data flow (UDF) with Kotlin coroutines. It renders a UDF visualizer in real-time as you poke around!
Accelerate your transition to Apple Silicon through our fully virtualized, scalable M1 compute options, and build and test faster than ever.
Monika Kumar Jethani examines some of the new features of Android 12 and shares a step-by-step process to migrate apps to it as well as combating challenges while upgrading the app's codebase.
Marcin Moskała writes about the different kinds of function references, and how they might be used in practice.
Jorge Castillo's overview on how to write a client library for the Compose compiler and runtime
Pavel Gorgulov looks at Multik 0.2.0! Now a multiplatform library, it allows you to use multidimensional arrays in your favorite multiplatform projects.
Alejandra Stamato explore some general strategies to implement a gradient text in Compose, and new apis in 1.2 that make it a lot easier.
Joy Liu announces the release of DragAndDrop, a new utility library that will help you easily add interactive drag and drop capabilities to your app in Compose.
Jetpack Compose 1.2.0 and Jetpack Compose Wear 1.0.0 have been released, so here's Alex Styl's summary of what changed.
Vasya Drobushkov faced an issue in Compose that remember didn’t want to forget the state. He describes the simple reason and how he managed to fix it.
Ishan Khanna shares a helpful framework to assess yourself and grow as a software engineer.
Runway connects with all your existing tools (think GitHub, CI, Play Console, etc.) to automate kickoff, submit, and release — and even a hands-free, customizable staged rollout — so you can avoid the usual cat-herding and focus on real work.
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Libraries & Code
DragAndDrop is a component for Jetpack Compose that helps you easily add interactive drag and drop capabilities to your app, following Google Drag and drop guideline. With the drag and drop feature, dual-screen and foldable devices can be leveraged to share information in between easily.
This week Google is celebrating ten years of Google Play.
The next KotlinConf will take place in person in Amsterdam on April 12–14, 2023. Finally we’ll be able to get together again and share the exciting things going on with Kotlin.
Google has released version 1.2 of Jetpack Compose, Android's modern, native UI toolkit, continuing to build out its roadmap.
Google has launched version 1.0 of Compose for Wear OS, the first stable release of the modern declarative UI toolkit designed to help developers create beautiful, responsive apps for Google’s smartwatch platform.
Google is making an early version of the predictive navigation UI available as a developer option for testing starting in Beta 4.
Videos & Podcasts
The playlist for all the presentations from Android Worldwide for the month of July.
In this episode, listen to Dan Sandler and Adam Cohen from the SystemUI team.
Philipp Lackner clears up the confusion between the different ways in Kotlin to combine related options together.
Theresa, Product Marketing Manager for Android and Google Play, shares important updates from our July 2022 Google Play policy announcements
Mohsen Mirhoseini interviews Philipp Lackner, an Android YouTuber currently focusing mostly on his channel and training Android developers.
Two Italian coders live-stream their attempts at coding stuff and learning Jetpack Compose, with guest Doris Liu sharing her knowledge of animations.