Issue #530

August 7th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Thomas Künneth compares and contrasts margins & padding between Views and Compose.
Simple integration, flexibility, customization, AND a free plan? Build your own chat app along with Stream’s Compose Chat Messaging Tutorial today!
Vincent Tsen shares key learnings from converting an Android News app to use hilt dependency injection.
James Morrissey examines the technique of Velocity Based Animations.
It's time to really understand ANRs. Watch this on-demand webinar for a deep dive into the Android framework itself, including how it triggers ANRs, what data it collects about them, and an overview on the different approaches for detecting ANRs in production.
Anthony Couhier defines some objectives and steps in bringing Kotlin Multiplatform for Mobile to an app.
Justin Breitfeller discusses a few “gotchas” encountered when using Composables and how to correct them.
Learn how to get rid of the boilerplate code within your app by using Kotlin Symbol Processor (KSP) to generate a class for creating Fragments
After adding a gradient to your text in Compose in the previous article, Alejandra Stamato animates it!
Juan Guillermo Gómez Torres shows an easy way to centralize the data used in the Composable previews and reuse it anywhere
Ishan Khanna shows how to create singletons in Kotlin using different methods.
In this tutorial, John Codeos shows how to add custom fonts to our Jetpack Compose app.
lex Styl shares a visual guide to help you choose which ContentScale you need along with the description from the official documentation.
Hesam Darvishiyan dives into generating boilerplate code automatically with KSP and discusses challenges and solutions.
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Libraries & Code
Halil Ozercan's Compose experiments in one convenient location
An Android application for browsing video games and checking the latest gaming news from around the world, built entirely using the Jetpack Compose.
Generates mutable models from immutable model definitions. It's based on Kotlin's Symbol Processor (KSP).
Earlier this summer, Google opened submissions, and now the finalists are revealed. Read on to see the shortlisted games!
The Kotlin 1.7.20-Beta release is out!
Videos & Podcasts
Bhavna Thacker covers Overview of Kotlin Collections from Kotlin Standard Library with Live Demo in Intellij IDEA covering List, Set and Map specific operations.
In this video, Philipp Lackner shows you how you can avoid using the wrong scope in the wrong cases by properly scoping your dependencies.
Learn how to analyze Firebase data with BigQuery! In this video, Andrea Wu goes through some example queries that you can also follow along with.
Listen to a chat with Alexey about Kotlin Design Patterns and Best Practices and his recently released book, "Kotlin Design Patterns and Best Practices."
Videos of all the presentations from droidcon Berlin 2022
In this article, Gergely Orosz shares some advice for entry-level software engineers.