Issue #533

August 28th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
Jintin writes a step-by-step guide on how to create a simple KSP plugin for generating Kotlin code.
Are you struggling to solve the toughest crashes and ANRs that affect your Google Play Store ranking? Join this webinar to learn everything about Android vitals, including the data it provides, the gaps it has, and how you can get the visibility needed to solve the toughest crashes and ANRs.
Bevan Steele describes the simplest possible way to implement an import/export mechanism for your app.
Marin and Jaewoong show how to optimize your app performance following Stream’s Jetpack Compose guidelines.
Runway connects with all your existing tools (think GitHub, CI, Play Console, etc.) to automate kickoff, submit, and release — and even a hands-free, customizable staged rollout — so you can avoid the usual cat-herding and focus on real work.
Vishal Ratna shows a way to reliably cache Android WebViews without causing Context leaks.
Alex shows how using parameter injection separates the different aspects of our app, allowing for a more readable and testable code.
Vincent Tsen teaches about trailing lambda and trailing comma, and shows why they are the 2 important Kotlin features that you must know if you're new to Kotlin!
That’s why we consulted with academic experts to develop a framework for rating high-quality apps for kids. Teachers across the US rate apps for the Play Store using this framework. Learn more about what teachers look for to help your app stand out.
Terence Zhang shares tips to improve your app’s user experience before you target Android 13.
Avish Parmar discusses modern approaches to creating Android media apps converting media playback sample app to Compose, and updating it to use modern libraries such as Media3.
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Libraries & Code
This library creates an effect of turning pages, which can be used in book reader applications, custom onboarding screens, or elsewhere.
An Elementary Compose Calendar
Google is making it easier for you to keep your deep links in good shape with a new, dedicated Play Console page
Google announced the launch of the Tiles Material library.
CameraX version 1.2 is officially in Beta. Take advantage of new ML Kit integration and Zero-Shutter Lag support.
Google is launching its Developer Preview of the new Cross-device SDK for Android
Videos & Podcasts
Jake Wharton and Saket Narayan talk about how Kotlin and Compose are used in CashApp and why “it is time for XML to die!”
TikTok wanted a faster startup and used Jetpack's App Startup library and Layout Inspector in Android Studio to find areas for improvement and refine them
In this mini-course, Charfaoui Younes teaches about variables, operators, strings, and if-else statements, for and while loops, functions, and OOP.
Learn how interfaces with a single abstract method can be used as a lambda expression to avoid introducing a new class or anonymous objects.
Nicola Corti invited Gabriel and Hannes, who have been working on FlowRedux, an MVI architecture library for Android and beyond.
Tomáš Mlynarič covers how to start benchmarking performance using Jetpack Macrobenchmark library.
Hear about new tools available to you so that you can build your own powerful, multi-device experiences that span platforms and form factors. Learn about Cast, BlockStore, and the new abstraction layer D2DI.