Issue #535

September 11th, 2022
Articles & Tutorials
This tutorial by Alex Styl will teach you how to setup Maestro on your machine, in order to automate your UI testing.
Accelerate your transition to Apple Silicon through our fully virtualized, scalable M1 compute options, and build and test faster than ever.
Derek Lee lists various techniques for sharing code using Kotlin Multiplatform.
Buddhadeb Chhetri lists several Android libraries that new developers should get to know.
The Android vitals metrics have a big impact on your Google Play Store ranking, which ultimately can make or break your bottom line. Learn what data Android vitals provides, what the gaps are, and how you can get the visibility you need to ship the best mobile app or game!
Radhika explores Compose animation APIs that help to create cool physics-based animations.
Marcin Moskała writes about Kotlin features that allow us to make type-safe, readable, and easy-to-use DSLs.
Iván Garza Bermea guides you on how to implement the new Themed Icons feature into your app so it supports Material You in the launcher.
Andrei Belous develops an Instagram-like emoji reactions animation using Jetpack Compose.
Niharika Arora outlines why developers should consider building for Android (Go edition), a standard approach to follow while optimizing their apps and some recommendations & learnings.
In this post, Sabs takes a closer look at different types of deep links
Ben Trengrove shows you how he looked into a performance issue in Jetsnack and how he went about debugging and fixing it in Jetpack Compose.
Ben Weiss wraps up the recent MAD Skills series of articles & videos.
This post by Pierre-Yves Ricau shares a bit of hackery to be able to access an activity instance within a Hilt ViewModel.
Simon Wirtz, a software engineer who has been using Kotlin for over 5 years, writes about being productive with modern programming languages.
Chris Ward shares a small adjustment and a bit of extra knowledge that made a night-vs-day performance difference.
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MEGA is looking for a Senior Android engineer with a deep understanding of the SOLID principles, unit testing, and refactoring, to join our global team.
As a Senior Android Platform Engineer, GoDaddy Payments, you will create world-class payment experiences for merchants and customers on GoDaddy Smart Terminals. As a key member of the PoyntOS team, you will modify the AOSP and develop Android system applications for our payment terminals.
Libraries & Code
The well known brick game written with Kotlin Multiplatform and Jetpack Compose Multiplatform. For Android, Desktop (JVM), Web (Wasm), iOS (in progress)
Gradle Plugin that determines if modules are Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) ready. "KMP Ready" means that the code is Kotlin Multiplatform compatible
Google announced that the Google Play services API for TensorFlow Lite is generally available on Android devices.
Google has released the Privacy Sandbox on Android Developer Preview 5, a major milestone that will become the foundation for upcoming Privacy Sandbox Beta releases.
With the Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Beta approaching, Ekaterina Petrova is looking for more KMM content to share with developers.
Videos & Podcasts
Nav Singh covers the new improvements that Android12 brings in terms of security and privacy.
Ben Trengrove shows you how he looked into a performance issue in Jetsnack and how he went about debugging and fixing it in Jetpack Compose.
Philipp Lackner teaches the ins and outs of the keystore system and how we can use it together with ciphers to encrypt something.
Nicola Corti interviews Marcin Kuszczak, discussing how Kscript brings the power of Kotlin to the scripting world.
Kotlin Extension functions allow us to add new functions to the existing classes. Charfaoui Younes explores the decompiled code about this brilliant feature of Kotlin.